Korg Cliphit Portable Clip Drum Kit   (b-stock)

Korg Cliphit Portable Clip Drum Kit (b-stock)

Product code: bstkorsi00702830

The Korg CLIPHIT is a new electric drum kit that's ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing.

  • Korg Cliphit Portable Clip Drum Kit (b-stock)

    The Korg CLIPHIT is a new electric drum kit that's ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing.

    Main Features

    • A high-tech drum kit with three clips that trigger onboard drum samples
    • Includes one footswitch to control kick sounds, with the ability to add one more for control of hi hat open/close
    • Eleven kits are provided including hand percussion and sound effects kits
    • 2W output, 3-inch speaker, and bass-reflex design deliver great-sounding tone
    • Perform sounds by striking the CLIPHIT itself with your hand
    • AUX IN jack lets you connect external sound sources such as an MP3 player to jam along
    • Serial number: 002400
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    Attach the clips with their internal sensor to a magazine, desk, or almost any surface, transforming it into a snare, hi-hat, or cymbal. You can also attach these clips to practice pads, using them to play drums or any of the programmed EFX sounds that include dog sounds, cat sounds, hand clapping. CLIPHIT will breathe new life into your drum practice, and is a great way to enhance your experience and creativity.
    A High-Tech Drum Kit With Three Clips
    CLIPHIT is an electronic drum kit composed of three clips with internal sensors, as well as a foot switch. You can attach the clips to almost any surface such as a practice pad, magazine, or desk, and play drums in real time. The volume changes as you vary the force of your strike, and can also be adjusted independently for each clip and pedal. There's a 3-inch speaker with 2W output and a bass-reflex design, delivering great-sounding tone for your drum performance, or connect headphones or an external speaker system for an even bigger sound.
    Eleven Kits Covering A Variety Of Styles
    Eleven different combinations are provided, including snare, hi-hat, toms, cymbals and bass drums. If you add an optional pedal switch, you'll be able to simultaneously play a total of five different sounds, three with the clips and two with the pedal, expanding your drum performance to hi-hat open/close or double bass. EFX programmed sounds such as conga, tambourine, hand-claps, and even dog barks are just some of the wide variety of sounds included in the CLIPHIT.
    You Can Play Drums By Striking The CLIPHIT
    In addition to using the clips and the pedal, you can also strike the CLIPHIT itself with your hand to play the snare or other sounds that are assigned to 'CLIP 2'. The CLIPHIT is designed with plenty of flexibility: you can use this capability in conjunction with 'CLIP 1' and 'CLIP 3', when using the main unit and the pedal switch, or when simply using the CLIPHIT by itself.
    Compact Design And Battery Operation
    Another exclusive feature of the unique product is its design. It's compact and easily storable, but also looks good enough to leave on display in offices, studios and living spaces. Four AA batteries allow up to six hours of operation, allowing you to enjoy playing in a wide range of situations. There's also an AUX input so you can connect an MP3 player and jam along. Your imagination is sure to invent endless ways to use the CLIPHIT, dramatically expanding your drum performance possibilities while having fun.

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