iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor (Serial Download)

iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor (Serial Download)

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Enhance your audio and video editing software with the unique tools and groundbreaking new improvements of Izotope's RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor.

  • iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor (Serial Download)

    Enhance your audio and video editing software with the unique tools and groundbreaking new improvements of Izotope's RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor.

    Main Features

    • Instant audio repair with a single mouse click
    • Faster turnaround through enhanced workflows
    • Many new features
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    Repair, enhance, and restore problematic production audio — from plosives to microphone bumps to inconsistent levels — and dramatically improve sound quality and clarity. Workflow enhancements, smart default settings, instant audio fixes, and tighter integration with Avid Pro Tools make your repetitive editing tasks remarkably more efficient.

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    The Advanced version adds industry-first enhancements, like the new De-plosive and Leveler modules, to instantly eliminate all plosives in your dialogue with total transparency and smooth out volume inconsistencies.
    What's new in RX 5 Advanced
    Improve the quality of your dialogue by removing plosive pops and mic bumps that can occur during a recording. Salvage great performances that contain mic bumps and plosives into your project without needing to search for an alternate recording.
    Level the volume of your dialogue with consistency, while keeping the breathes and sibliances lower. Take hours of production dialogue and non-destructively level it out in just a few minutes, leaving you time for fine tuning and creative mixing.
    Ambience Match & AudioSuite Plug-in
    Fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite. No longer spend hours of time manually looping sections of ambience under a scene with ADR and broken up sentences.
    EQ Match
    Create a consistent sonic sound between two different dialogue recordings (for example, matching ADR to production audio. Save time editing by easily producing EQ consistency between dialogue lines without manually trying to match their EQs.
    Instant Process Tool
    Directly and intuitively paint away audio problems on the spectrograph within the timeline. Intuitively cleanup and repair audio in a quick and immediate way that will save many mouse clicks. Instant Process is a mode that may be toggled on/off. When Instant Process is on, any selection you make is immediately processed. Simply paint an audio problem away without needing to open a module, choose settings, and then click Process. Instant Process offers several different modes (Attenuate, De-click, Fade, and Gain, and Replace) which will instantly process the settings present in the named module/tab.
    Module Chain
    Process multiple modules (preset) at once, reducing the amount of mouse clicks. Get quick results and save time on a project that contain problematic audio needing multiple processes to get cleaned up.
    Reduce some of the reverb from a recorded space in order to make the dialogue useable. Salvage recordings of dialogue containing too much reverb/acoustic space without needing to spend time/money on a reshoot or ADR. Take control over the amount of ambient space captured in a recording: make large cathedrals sound like small halls and make roomy vocals sound like they were recorded in a proper studio space.
    RX Connect
    Integrate a quick workflow between your DAW/NLE and RX Audio Editor to utilise all the repair/enhancement modules needed to cleanup production audio. For Pro Tools, RX Connect now supports clip-by-clip and handles which preserves the boundaries of clips, so you can conform to future picture changes with ease. RX Monitor enables you to monitor your audio from the RX Audio Editor application through your host application (i.e. Pro Tools, which does not allow other applications to use their hardware simultaneously).
    Dialogue De-noise
    Restore problematic vocal or production audio recordings in real time. The zero-latency Dialogue De-noise real-time plug-in is the most powerful denoiser focused on dialogue treatment. When unwanted background and ambient noise threaten the quality of dialogue recordings, Dialogue De-noise replaces the need for costly and time-consuming automated dialogue replacement (ADR)—ensuring professional sounding results, every time. And with an intuitive 'set it and forget it' workflow that automatically adjusts to changing noise profiles, those working in high-end post production houses as well as home studios will find it incredibly easy to use.
    With an algorithm specifically tuned to keep dialogue as pristine as possible, Dialogue De-noise can treat most problems right out of the box—potentially saving you hours of time.
    Spectral Repair
    Visually isolate and paint away to remove any unwanted sounds. Spectral Repair is the key to discovering what your waveform won't show you. Use familiar drawing tools to identify and select problem frequencies and unwanted sounds. Salvage unusable material by filling in audio gaps instantly. With a unique visualisation and a variety of selection tools at your fingertips, Spectral Repair lets you get closer to your audio—and take a hands-on approach to repairing and enhancing it.
    Once a problem sound has been identified, the Spectral Repair algorithms available either in the module or Instant Process Tool, are able to resynthesise the audio while taking into consideration tonal harmonics, nonlinear pitch changes like vibrato, background noise characteristics and transient events. With the power of these tools, you can remove or attenuate unwanted, interfering sounds—from barking dogs and breath noises to string squeaks, fret noise, and missed/wrong notes.
    RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor includes a multi-resolution mode that more accurately separates unwanted noise and desired audio.
    iZotope Insight
    Visualise your mix and comply with loudness standards. Insight is iZotope's essential metering suite, bundled with RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor as an additional real-time plug-in (a $499 value). With its extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools, Insight is perfect for visualising changes made during mixing and mastering, troubleshooting problematic mixes, and ensuring compliance with international broadcast loudness standards like BS.1770-1/2/3 and EBU R128. Additionally, you can generate a report and image of your Loudness history for use when delivering your mix to the network.
    Fully customisable and scalable, Insight allows you to visually monitor all relevant information from your mono, stereo or surround mix in a convenient floating window. Load Insight into your favourite DAW or NLE to keep an eye as well as an ear on your mix at all times.
    Reduce unwanted background noise quickly and easily. De-noise provides natural noise reduction with unparalleled clarity and control. Built with the most troublesome audio imperfections in mind, De-noise removes unwanted tonal and broadband noise from any type of recording—such as music, old recordings, home movies, production recordings, and more. With transparent noise suppression technology that minimises artefacts, the De-noise module is carefully designed to preserve the character of your audio.
    RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor features Adaptive Mode, which analyses changing noise profiles and fixes audio imperfections automatically. It»s the ideal choice for fast, efficient audio repair on the fly.
    Eliminate clicks, crackles, pops and digital impulse noises. De-click automatically identifies and removes clicks, pops and digital impulse noises that can ruin a listening experience. Turn to De-click when polishing audio transfers and other recordings suffering from quality degradation, digital errors, mouth noises, and interference from cell phones. For the toughest click and crackle problems, Interpolate Mode allows you to make manual sample-level corrections to audio.
    De-crackle is designed to treat continuous background crackle from sources such as vinyl, but can also treat problems like dry-mouthed spoken word and reed noise from woodwind instruments.
    Remove electrical hum and line noise. De-hum automatically identifies the base frequency of unwanted hum, and precisely removes it from the recording along with harmonics—ensuring a clean overall sound without electrical interference. For more complex hum and buzz removal, the module also automatically recommends when to use De-noise instead, so you'll always have the best tool at hand for the job.
    The 'Adaptive' mode removes hum that changes in frequency over time. Unlike traditional filters, this mode removes unwanted hum without side effects, such as the 'hollow' sound introduced by comb filters.
    Corrective EQ
    Surgically reduce and remove problematic frequencies. The Corrective EQ module can often be a simple first step to preparing a file for cleanup and repair. Now with a new easy-to-use UI, 6 fully parametric bands and new filters to be used for cutting harsh high frequencies, rolling off low rumbles, reducing standing waves from a boomy location recording or increasing the intelligibility of dialogue.
    Additional Features
    ADV Time & Pitch | Features Radius® RT, iZotope»s time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm as well as Pitch Contour, a pitch re-mapper with all-new time-variable sampling.
    Signal Generator | Generate any type of tone or noise for calibrating or setting a reference level, adding any required tones for the start/end points of a mix for picture, or inserting tones and bleeps to censor explicit dialogue.
    Resample | Ensure the highest quality when adjusting sample rates with SRC™, iZotope»s sample rate conversion algorithm.
    Dither | Reduce bit resolution for final delivery of your project without sacrificing quality with MBIT+™, iZotope»s renowned dither algorithm.
    De-clip | Rebuild distorted audio caused by analogue and digital overload, and get through projects even faster with the automatic Suggest feature.
    Channel Ops | A module that offers precise delay and phase operations. RX 5 Advanced adds improved Azimuth Alignment for automatic and manual alignment of audio recorded to tape.
    Spectrum Analyzer | A detailed spectral display that detects peaks automatically.
    Third-party Plug-in Support | Host any Audio Unit or VST plug-in in RX 5's Plug-In module.
    Batch Processing | Chain modules, process multiple files at once, and use multiple CPUs to speed up your workflow.

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