iZotope BreakTweaker Expanded (Serial Download)

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  • iZotope BreakTweaker Expanded (Serial Download)
  • iZotope BreakTweaker Expanded (Serial Download)
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Main Features

  • Manipulate audio at a molecular level: Reinvent any beat by controlling pitch, rhythm, and texture at the finest resolution on the market
  • Experiment with stunning content: Explore a full range of presets, drum samples, and wavetables designed by today´s top musicians and DJs, including BT
  • Invent completely new rhythms: Create complex polyrhythmic lines with unique isorhythm and playback speed settings
  • Craft the perfect drum sound: Blend drum samples with robust synthesizer features to create sounds that are the best of both worlds
  • Take control of your beats: Easily trigger and sequence complex patterns and samples using any MIDI controller

BreakTweaker Expanded includes BreakTweaker plus three expansion packs for a great value price - Vintage Machines, Cinematic Textures, and Kicks & Snares by Beatport.

Powered by three distinct modules, the Sequencer, the Generator, and the MicroEdit Engine, BreakTweaker is a wildly creative rhythmic instrument that can be used with any DAW and MIDI controller. Give your beats an evolving depth that gets better the longer they play. Use rhythmic slicing to drive everything from pitched melodic lines to sweeping rhythmic concoctions. Top it all off with the best drum sample library in existence, curated by BT, iZotope, and top producers today.

BreakTweaker is for anyone looking to create truly original and dynamic beats, both drum-driven and melodic. Its a new platform that inspires different people in different ways, and theres nothing quite like it out there.

Composers can use BreakTweaker to create epic percussive rhythms and intense musical effects that underpin many successful film and video game scores and trailers.

EDM Producers can take advantage of BreakTweaker's impactful building blocks for building thrilling beats, like kick and snare hits that have been carefully layered, tuned and synthesized by pros from the Electronica, House, Trance and Dubstep worlds.

Beat Aficionados can give their beats a new fresh perspective whether using the inbuilt library or by manipulating and reimagining existing audio material.

The Expansion Packs

Vintage Machines
Browse through a treasure trove of heavy, dusty vintage beats and revisit hip hop, trap, upbeat techno, two step, dilla-style off-kilter beats and much more. Vintage Machines delivers an eclectic range of over 200 samples from the greatest drum machines out there, assembled into a unique collection of throwback fun. With 50 kits to choose from and 12 patterns each, you can mix and match your favourite lo-fi goodness and drop some vintage style into your track. Crunchy beats, head-bobbing sub and just a hint of old-school vibes take you back to the era of the greats.

Cinematic Textures
The Cinematic Textures Expansion is a collection of rhythmic gestures ranging from esoteric patterns to dense pulses and beats. Designed to enhance film and television scores, and to intensify the texture of electronic and electro-acoustic music, this expansion is geared towards composers, producers and sound designers alike. With 71 presets and over 700 samples, Cinematic Textures was made with sonic exploration in mind. Delve into both percussive and tonal elements to inspire new ideas for your future musical works.

Kicks & Snares By Beatport Sounds
If anyone knows what makes a track pulse, it's Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community. Exclusively created for iZotope's BreakTweaker, this impressive-sounding drum sample collection from Beatport Sounds is perfectly suited for modern drum production. With solid kicks, snares, and a little percussion thrown in for good measure, Kicks & Snares will augment your already-stellar Factory Library with fresh flavours from the labs at Beatport.

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