Fender Pawn Shop Greta 2 Watt Valve Electric Guitar Amp Head (pre-owned)

  • Fender Pawn Shop Greta 2 Watt Valve Electric Guitar Amp Head (pre-owned)
  • Fender Pawn Shop Greta 2 Watt Valve Electric Guitar Amp Head (pre-owned)
  • Fender Pawn Shop Greta 2 Watt Valve Electric Guitar Amp Head (pre-owned)
  • Fender Pawn Shop Greta 2 Watt Valve Electric Guitar Amp Head (pre-owned)
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Condition: Very good with few signs of use. Original box included.

Step into a world of retro-inspired tone with the Fender Pawn Shop Greta Amplifier. Combining classic aesthetics with modern functionality, this compact powerhouse delivers exceptional sound and vintage charm. Whether you’re a studio musician, a passionate guitarist, or a collector seeking unique gear, the Pawn Shop Greta is a must-have addition to your sonic arsenal.

Vintage Design, Modern Versatility
The Pawn Shop Greta is a true testament to Fender’s legacy of iconic designs. Inspired by vintage radio sets of the past, its petite yet eye-catching cabinet exudes timeless appeal. However, don’t let its compact size fool you—the Greta packs a punch with its versatile tonal range. Whether you’re seeking sparkling cleans, warm bluesy tones, or gritty overdrive, this amplifier delivers with remarkable clarity and character.

Tone and Power at Your Fingertips
Despite its modest appearance, the Greta offers impressive tonal flexibility. Its single volume control allows you to explore a wide dynamic range, from whisper-quiet intimate performances to gritty, tube-driven saturation. Dial in your desired tone effortlessly and enjoy the responsive and touch-sensitive feel that only a tube amplifier can provide. With its 2-watt power rating, the Greta is perfect for recording, practice sessions, or small gigs where low volume and nuanced tonal control are paramount.

Simple and Portable
The Greta amplifier features a streamlined control layout, keeping things simple and intuitive. The single volume control is all you need to adjust your output level and drive. Additionally, the Greta’s compact and lightweight design makes it exceptionally portable. Take it anywhere—whether you’re jamming with friends, recording in the studio, or performing in an intimate setting, the Greta is ready to accompany you on your musical adventures.

Versatile Connectivity Options
Despite its vintage-inspired design, the Pawn Shop Greta is equipped with modern connectivity options. Plug in your electric guitar via the ¼" input jack, connect external speakers or headphones, and even use the line out for direct recording or running through a mixing console. The Greta effortlessly adapts to your preferred setup, whether you’re recording at home or performing on stage.

Craftsmanship and Reliability
Crafted with utmost attention to detail, the Fender Pawn Shop Greta exudes quality and reliability. Built to withstand the rigours of professional use, this amplifier is constructed with premium components and Fender’s renowned craftsmanship. Expect exceptional build quality and durability, ensuring that the Greta remains a faithful companion throughout your musical journey.

Embrace vintage aesthetics and timeless tone with the Fender Pawn Shop Greta Amplifier. This compact and versatile amplifier offers a unique blend of retro charm and modern performance. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist seeking a portable practice amp or a collector adding to your vintage-inspired collection, the Pawn Shop Greta is a treasure that will inspire you to explore new sonic territories. Experience the best of both worlds with the Fender Pawn Shop Greta Amplifier today.


Power Output

  • 2 watts of power, perfect for low-volume practice, recording, and intimate performances


  • 1 x 12AT7 and 1 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 1 x 6V6 power tube


  • Volume control for adjusting output level and drive


  • 1 x 8" Special Design speaker


  • ¼" input jack for connecting your electric guitar
  • ¼" line out for direct recording or connecting to a mixing console
  • ¼" external speaker output for connecting additional speaker cabinets
  • ¼" headphone output for private practice sessions


  • Vintage-inspired, compact design reminiscent of classic radio sets
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation


  • Width: 11.5" (292 mm)
  • Height: 10.25" (260 mm)
  • Depth: 7.5" (190 mm)
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)


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