Expressive E Touché Controller

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  • Expressive E Touché Controller
  • Expressive E Touché Controller
  • Expressive E Touché Controller
  • Expressive E Touché Controller
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Expressive E Touché Controller

Main Features

  • Innovative touch-sensitive controller for software and hardware synths
  • Four independent dimensions on all four axis
  • Control a varied range of parameters and get the most out of your sounds
  • Includes Lié software that allows you to host virtual instrument plug-ins
  • Internal memory allows you to save presets for quick and easy recall
  • Complete with 150 unique, high-quality sounds
  • Four independent CV outputs and built-in MIDI connectivity

Touché from Expressive E is an expressive instrument that allows you to control the sound of your synthesizers with the pressure of your hand.

The design of Touché starts with an interface that is both sensitive and intuitive. The wooden skin of Touché reacts to the smallest vibration, the lightest pressure that you apply to it. It's so reactive that you can play by swiping your fingers lightly across its wooden surface, and you'll hear the sound change instantly. It feels natural and gives you a powerful connection with your music.

A Complex Mechanism Behind A Simple Interface
Below the wood skin lies a mechanism that combines the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the extreme precision of modern technology. Its unique design allows you to play in four completely independent dimensions: two by pressing the skin up and down, and two by sliding it right and left. You control your sound with gestures that are at once intuitive and powerful.

The Depth Of An Acoustic Instrument
Every instrument has a soul of its own. You can change its behaviour to your liking, from the strings you choose to the pick you use, making it your own, personal experience. With Touché, you can choose to make it harder or easier to reach the maximum intensity of your sound. This is particularly useful when switching from progressive sounds to more percussive sounds, which requires great sensitivity.

One Software To Bind Them All
Touché can be linked to any existing setup, but also comes with tailor-made sounds and tools to make your own. To help you with this, Lié works hand in hand with Touché in a clear, simple workflow. Available in both VST and AU flavours, Lié is compatible with all major DAWs and offers a completely integrated solution at the heart of your rig.

Sounds, À La Carte
Lié comes with over 150 carefully designed sounds, built with one thing in mind: expressivity. These sounds are both tailor-made presets powered by UVI's Falcon and shipped as instruments within UVI's Workstation (which is bundled with Touché), and presets for third-party plug-ins, enabling you to make music with Touché right away.

Your Entire Playroom, Within One Click
Lié works as a host of plug-ins. This means that you can load any of your virtual instruments and build your sound with the same interface you're used to playing with, while choosing which parameters to control with Touché.

Hands-On Controls
Whether you've built a new sound from scratch, or want to use one you already love, your next step is to unleash its full potential with Touché. Lié's eight slots give you a quick access to the full list of your instrument's controls. It's even easier to use the Speed Mapping feature, and click on the faders you want to play with.

Never Lose Bright Ideas
A quick recall of your configuration is vital for recovering your work as you left it, both in studio and performance situations. Scrolling through saved presets can also give you new ideas about how to approach a composition and tease out your inspiration. When you save a configuration, it contains everything, from the choice of your virtual instrument to the smallest of parameters you've set to control with Touché.

Definitely Linked
Knobs and faders are great for shaping your sound, but can be limiting when it comes to performing. Touché gives you an expressive way to control your hardware synthesizers, by directly linking your hand's movements to the sound. Whether it's a with a simple filter cutoff or a complex, multi-parameter setup.

Extreme Precision Unmatched Speed
Found at the heart of every modular setup as well as in standalone synthesizers, control voltage connectivity combines strong reliability with convenience. Touché has four independent CV outputs, which means that you can control up to four different parameters at the same time with a clean and pure analogue signal.

Breathe New Life Into Your Favourite Toys
Connect Touché to your instruments with its built-in MIDI output, and configure which Control Changes Touché sends with Lié. It works the same as with software instruments, in a unified, simple workflow. Once you're done, you can even save that configuration right into Touché's internal memory. Touché ships with over 30 hardware presets that saves you from hand-searching the Control Change names.

Take It On Tour
Presets saved in Touché's memory slots can be recalled when you perform live. This enables you to prepare your entire setup for the next song, and multicolour LEDs help you track which preset you're using.

All Set For Exigencies
An instrument has to be reliable and precise, while fitting your needs in each situation. Lié has a set of powerful tools to adapt Touché to your personal, particular experience.

Minimum and Maximum thresholds for each Slot
Sensitivity Curves for each Slot with presets, bending, invert and hand drawing
Autoset: Sets the minimum threshold of each Slot to match the current value of the parameter
Random: Sets random assignations for each Slot

Beyond Limits
Without its companion software, Touché behaves as a standard MIDI controller, sending one CC for each shifting. It offers the ideal tactile input to modular DSP platforms like Max and PureData, and works with any mobile application allowing external MIDI control. You can even control sound and light simultaneously. Whether you're building your dream synth or setting up your next artistic installation, playing with Touché will give you a unique sonic experience.

Designed For Sound
Touché's four shiftings are at once independent and simultaneous. Coupled with an accurate, steady control, it makes up the perfect tool for sound design. From video games to movies, making laser and engine sounds has never been funnier. Play your LFOs by hand, trigger gates while continuously controlling granular density... A true sonic playground.

Technical Specifications
Lié is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and later and Windows 10
Lié is available in VST and AU formats, and can host VSTi plug-ins.
Bundled with UVI Workstation
Presets for UVI Workstation, third-party plug-ins and hardware synthesizers
4 x independent expression shifting, with force feedback and sensitivity setting.
1 x USB Socket
4 x 1/8 inch (3.5mm) CV/Gate outputs
1 x 1/8 inch (3.5mm) MIDI Input (jack socket with MIDI break-out cable)
1 x 1/8 inch (3.5mm) MIDI Output (jack socket with MIDI break-out cable)
Touché is USB bus powered
Independently configurable CV signal curve and min/max voltages (up to -10V to 10V.)
Independently configurable MIDI CC messages for each shifting.
Dimensions: 246 x 100 x 62 mm / 9.7 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches
Instrument weight 770g / 1.7 lbs

Box Contents
1 x USB Cable
2 x Break-out cable MIDI adaptors 1 x Ground loop adaptor
Quick Start Guide
Technical Guide


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