Dreadbox NYX Analogue Paraphonic Synthesizer Module

Dreadbox NYX Analogue Paraphonic Synthesizer Module

Product code: drxnyx

The Dreadbox NYX is an analogue paraphonic synthesizer module with a comprehensive patch panel.

  • Dreadbox NYX Analogue Paraphonic Synthesizer Module

    The Dreadbox NYX is an analogue paraphonic synthesizer module with a comprehensive patch panel.

    Main Features

    • Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
    • Unique Reverb Effect by Crazy Tube Circuits (as found on Splash Mk3)
    • 2 x VCO with separate glide controls
    • Dual State Variable 24 or 12dB / oct Filter
    • Triangle wave LFO
    • Triple Unique Envelope Generator (can be used as an LFO)
    • Unique Routing control (allows open architecture)
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    This new synth from Dreadbox offers their distinctive sound with a great set of features. This is a paraphonic synth similar to the ARP Odyssey or Moog SUB37 so each oscillator can be played independently. Both oscillators offer sawtooth or square waves and have independent Glide amounts and level controls. Pulse Width Modulation is available and oscillator 2 can be detuned and sync'ed against osc 1. There's also a dedicated LFO for vibrato.

    The filter is dual mode and operates as a 24dB or 12dB lowpass or high pass with controls for Cutoff, resonance and a slider for attenuating the signal hitting the resonance after the filter.

    Unusually, the NYX features Modulators which can operate as LFOs or Envelope Generators. Modulators 1 and 2 work on the filter section and Modulator 3 is normalised to the VCA.

    The NYX has a comprehensive routing system which allows for a wide range of really unique tones and textures, making this synth an endless source of inspiring sounds.

    A unique reverb effect from Crazy Tube Circuits adds the finishing touch to any patch.

    As is normal for Dreadbox synths, there's a patch panel to further expand patching capabilities which also opens the NYX up to use with modular systems. 15 patch points on 1.8mm minijacks give access to the most parameters for some creative sound design.

    CV Outputs: VCO2 direct wave out with attenuation control,
    Envelope 1 , Envelope 2 (with attenuation), Modulation Wheel, Gate, Midi to CV

    CV Inputs: Osc1 Frequency, Osc2 Frequency, VCF Cut off (for both filters),VCF Cut off (post for the 2nd filter), VCO1 PW, Gate, CV, VCA

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