Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 Bass Synth and Sequencer

Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 Bass Synth and Sequencer

Product code: cyltt303

The Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 offers the sound and feel of the Roland TB303 in a modern package with new features.

  • Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 Bass Synth and Sequencer

    The Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT 303 offers the sound and feel of the Roland TB303 in a modern package with new features.

    Main Features

    • Analogue module based on the infamous TB303
    • Updated and powerful sequencer
    • New MUTE and HAMMER functions
    • MIDI In/Out as well as CV/Gate connections
    • Additional outputs for DIN SYNC, ACCENT, RUN - STOP and VCO out
    • External input for access to the TT 303 filter
    • Carrying bag and decklsaver style dust cover included
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    A monophonic analogue synth inspired by the famous TB303, the TT 303 comes with a lot of new features and improvements, from the sound point of view as well as the ergonomics of the machine and the sequencer. It sports a new design, with very smooth new pots, new features for Live jam, 2 new sequencer modes for even more creativity, added CV / Gate (and even more) outputs to connect with your favourite synths!
    The design of the analogue circuit (composed of 1 VCO) and the audio engine has been improved compared to the previous version, giving it a warm and groovy sound thanks to the addition of the Shuffle (not present on the original).

    The very intuitive sequencer takes on the original spirit while bringing new and unique features such as Mute and Hammer, which gives it a great flexibility for live jam and more sound variations, as well as 2 new sequencer modes to create New patterns.

    Among the highlight and new features we find:

    A new design with better ergonomics:
    • A new design very elegant and modern.
    • New pots / knobs, bigger, more flexible and very pleasant.
    • Carrying bag and decksaver (dust cover) included.
    • Numerous possibilities for customising the LEDs colours to better identify your patterns and more.

    A modern and very powerful sequencer:
    • 432 user patterns, up to 64 steps per pattern!
    • 108 presets patterns presets under 9 different styles.
    • 108 user patterns for the new pattern creation feature (PATTERN LAB).
    • Non-volatile memory (no more batteries required !!!).
    • Adjust the swing / shuffle to add groove to your productions.
    • Adjusting GATE LENGTH and SLIDE TIME for even more possibilities and original bass lines.
    • 2 new features, MUTE and HAMMER, to add more life to your patterns. These functions are accessible in recording mode (WRITE) and also in real time for live.
    • The MUTE modifier mimics the effect of performing a palm mute with a bass. Muted steps are somewhat shorter and will sound less bright.
    • The HAMMER modifier simulate a hammer-on or hammer-off action. The HAMMER modifier causes the note from the current step to hammer into the note of the next step in the pattern.
    • 2 new unique modes for creating and editing patterns, LOOP EDIT and PATTERN LAB.
    • LOOP EDIT provide a way to create or edit a pattern while the sequencer is running.
    • PATTERN LAB give extended control of the pattern generator so that you can create patterns that fit your desired style, modifiers used and even your musical key.
    • 1 unique ARP mode, a powerful tool for making expressive variations of your patterns.
    • Advanced editing features like COPY / PASTE / CLEAR and much more.
    • All the parameters are controllable via midi control change (Midi CC).

    A modern audio section and connectivity:
    • Analogue audio circuit.
    • 1 VCO, 2 Waveforms Sawtooth or Square.
    • Excellent audio specifications and noise floor (widely improved compared to the original).
    • Added Outputs : CV / GATE / ACCENT / DYN SYNC / RUN - STOP / VCO OUT, allowing for example to control and sequence other synths.
    • 1 Main output (mono) and 1 stereo headphone output.
    • 1 external input to let you use the TT303 filter on your favourite synths and drum machines.
    • 1 Midi in and out.

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