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Absolute Music, South East (Ex-DV247 Clapham)

Simon Watts

Simon is based in the SE of England, he has been working in the music business for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share, having previously worked for DV247/Digital Village Clapham until it closed in May 2013.

Simon is experienced in studio design - from small home set-ups to successful commercial recording studios, and provides on-going technical support to many studio and established recording artists. Simon also has extensive experience in P.A, live sound systems and installation, from discrete ambient background systems for restaurants to large live sound events and church congregations.

Qualified to equip educational establishments including schools, colleges, universities and council youth projects, Simon has proved himself to be able to provide invaluable advice and tailor made solutions, realise aspirations and keep projects on budget.

Simon Watts: 0203 7011705 or 07714 594084
email: [email protected]