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Absolute Music, Midlands (Ex-DV247 Birmingham)

Paul Taylor & Chad Brittle

Paul Taylor and Chad Brittle have been serving musicians, studios and education establishments in the Midlands for over 30 years between them, and have both built up a wealth of experience and expertise. Paul managed DV247/Digital Village Birmingham for 13 years, before which he ran the Music Connections store. Chad worked alongside Paul for many of these years, and both of them have developed fantastic reputations in serving and supporting customers in all kinds of projects, from small-scale home studios to full-on live sound and performance installations.

Fully conversant with all aspects of the industry including store sales, internet, mail order and installations, as well as education and export orders, Paul and Chad are keen to continue serving their customer base in and around the Birmingham area.


Paul Taylor: 07757 394317
Chad Brittle: 07714 594072
email: [email protected]