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    Posted on June 26, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak

    Yamaha HS5 Active Studio MonitorYamaha's new range of HS monitors are designed to carry on the philosophy of the iconic NS-10s - if your mixes sound good on these speakers, they will sound good anywhere! They were even designed by the same person as the legendary NS-10s! However, rather than colouring your mix as the original NS-10s did (which made them good as a secondary pair of reference monitors but not ideal for use as a primary pair), Yamaha HS monitors give an accurate representation of your tracks, allowing you to make confident decisions about how best to make tweaks in order to get them sounding professional. Of course, referencing your mix on as many systems as possible is still advisable, including poorer systems that colour your tracks, but having a set of monitors that give a 'true' representation is always the most important ingredient of any mixing studio.

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