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    Posted on March 13, 2012 by Joe Stachowiak

    Pioneer DJM-350Owning a pair of vinyl or CD decks is not enough if you want to start DJing as you will also need a suitable mixer to link everything together and sit at the heart of your set-up. Because the mixer is unlikely to affect how well you can mix, I would say that it is more important to get a decent pair of decks, rather than splashing your budget on a super all-singing, all-dancing mixer and only having enough left over for a pair of poor decks (the exception to this case is scratch DJs who will need something sturdy with a smooth crossfader to complement some decent decks). However, the mixer is likely to have a lot to do with the sound quality of your mixes, as well as determining how many turntables you can connect and mix from at once, and some mixers may even includes additional creative features such as built-in effects and sample recorders/loopers.

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