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    Posted on January 11, 2013 by James Hamer

    Digitech Whammy VThe Digitech Whammy is another legendary pedal whose reputation precedes it & one could perhaps view it as Digitech's most significant product. While Harman's Digitech brand is largely known for budget effects pedals that offer a certain amount of bang for your buck, the Whammy has always been a unit that has bucked that trend & it can be found on the pedalboards of the pros across many a genre. (Digitech themselves cite the pedal's use on over 60 different Grammy awards). The unit has been available in many different incarnations over the years, but the current offerings are true to the original 1989 model, while also offering up a slew of new features that make the pedal all the more intriguing. So, with all this in mind, why don't we jump in & see what these crazy red pedals are all about!?

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