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  • David Gilmour Auctioning Off His Most Famous Instruments!

    Posted on February 12, 2019 by Rob Lee


    David Gilmour needs little introduction and nor does his love the electric guitar. A keen collector during his professional career, he has amassed an extensive collection of vintage instruments as well as ones that he bought new. One particular guitar that is synonymous with Gilmour helped cement him as one of Rock's most prolific artists and also took on it's it's own mystique: The Black Strat.

    After 50 years this legendary instrument and some 120 others from his collection are going up for auction in June. Christie's in New York are running the auction and all the proceeds will be going to charitable foundations.

    Those of you with extra deep pockets and a love of all things Floyd should definitely take a look to see what is offer. For the rest of us we can dream...


    Let's go over some of the highlights Continue Reading

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