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    Posted on February 11, 2014 by Joe Stachowiak

    If you're creating music that's designed to be played back on large club or PA systems, then being able to monitor those sub frequencies in the studio is essential. After all, those frequencies that you feel in your stomach form an extremely important part of modern music.

    KRK subs are perfectly suited to partner a pair of KRK Rokit or VXT monitors, but, due to their adjustable crossovers, they can also be partnered with any other set of monitors to extend the bass response of your studio set-up.

    Until the end of February 2014, you can make HUGE savings on KRK 12s and 12sHO subs, to allow you to monitor those frequencies that are going to make your belly vibrate! Get the KRK 12s for just £549 (usually £699)! Or, grab the KRK12sHO for just £999 (that saves £300 off the usual price of £1299)!

    KRK 12s and 12sHO Subs

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