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    Posted on May 8, 2013 by Tony Long

    Roland PM-03You can read more reviews like this, listen to Tony’s productions, purchase synth patches and more at his personal site -> Tony Long Music.


    In September 2011, Roland updated their now discontinued PM-01 Personal Drum Monitor with the release of PM-03; the first 2.1 channel monitor in the V-Drums series.

    Personally, I have always found that amplifying electronic drums in a pleasing way can be a little tricky, mainly because most of the time, you're going to want it to sound as close to an acoustic kit as possible, with all those little details and nuances. However, there are naturally going to be differences - for one thing, all sounds from an electronic drum kit will be emanating from the same place, rather than from each individual drum as you hit it.

    Roland PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor - Front

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