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  • POD HD v2.0 UPDATE

    Posted on April 12, 2012 by Joe Stachowiak

    Line 6 POD HD BeanThe POD HD v2.0 update is now available for download from the official Line 6 website! This free firmware update dramatically expands the sonic capabilities of the POD HD500, POD HD and POD HD Pro multi-effect processors, and it also significantly enhances integration with James Tyler Variax guitars.

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    Posted on November 23, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak

    Line 6 Spider IV 120 Guitar Amp
    Line 6 have announced two limited offers, which entitle buyers of qualifying Spider guitar amps to receive a free software package!

    The offers states that if you purchase a Spider IV 15 or a Spider IV 30 guitar amp, you can get a free copy of POD Farm 2.5 plug-in software (RRP $99) or if you purchase a Spider IV 75, 120, 150, HD150 or any Spider Valve MkII guitar amp, you will get the POD Farm Platinum 2.5 plug-in (RRP $299) completely free!
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  • LINE 6 POD HD500

    Posted on October 13, 2010 by Joe Stachowiak

    Hold on to your hats for a totally new experience in amp and effects modelling. It’s time for your guitar sound to hit high-definition, thanks to the newest POD on the block…

    Take sound to a new level

    Top-of-the range in the new POD HD series, the HD500 offers amp models that defy the accepted standard. They feel, behave and interact with previously unachievable realism, giving you an entirely new playing experience. Giving it a quick preview in our showroom, it really does feel like nothing we’ve tried before.

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