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    Posted on February 11, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak

    Mackie DL1608 Digital MixerYou can read more reviews like this, listen to Tony’s productions, purchase synth patches and more at his personal site -> Tony Long Music.


    Mackie, who are renowned for their quality speakers and mixers, have come up with an idea that allows you to mix easily and wirelessly away from the stage with an iPad. Introducing the DL1608 digital mixer! Although announced at NAMM 2012, the 2013 industry show has introduced two further products based on this idea in the form on the Behringer (who love to copy ideas from other manufacturers!) iX16 iPad Mixer and the Mackie DL806, which is essentially a smaller 8 channel version of the 1608. You just can't help but notice how iOS devices are becoming more and more popular in serious professional music applications, providing touch-screen functionality as well as a large full-colour display for detailed feedback, which is undeniably more useful than the small LCD screens of the past. Maybe there will come a time when every piece of hardware has a facility to work with a tablet of some description.

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