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Vox's range of Night Train G2 amps provide Vox's traditional full-tube sound for a variety of needs. They now also feature a built-in high-quality reverb effect and they sound great! Don't believe us? Come into our Bournemouth pro-music superstore and take the Tone Test! CLICK HERE to find us. The Night Train G2 series is made up of the Night Train NT50H-G2 & V212NT-G2 cab, Night Train NT15H-G2 & V112NT-G2 cab and the Night Train NT15C1 combo amplifier.

Vox's range of Tone Garage pedals provide five all-analogue stomp effects, with three in the range featuring true tube circuits! The Tone Garage range consists of the Trike Fuzz , Flat 4 Boost, Straight 6 Drive, V8 Distortion and Double Deca Delay pedals.

From now until Friday 31st January, Vox are giving you the chance to claim a FREE set of Dean Markley Blue Steel guitar strings simply for coming into our store and trying out either a Night Train G2 amp or Tone Garage pedal!


1. CLICK HERE to visit the Vox website and download the claim form.

2. Give us a call (01202 597180) to make sure that we have the amp/pedal that you want to demo in stock.

3. Fill in all the details and bring it along to our store.

4. Demo one of the products mentioned in this article.

5. Ask a member of our staff to stamp or sign the form.

6. Send the form to:

VOX - Take The Tone Test
1 Harrison Close
Milton Keynes

7. Sit back and wait for your free set of strings to arrive in the post!

For more information on the Tone Test, or any eligible product, please click the links in this article, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

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