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The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is the industry's favourite and best portable vocal booth. With sE Electronics' patented Air Gap Multi-Layer technology, the Reflexion Filter Pro combines different acoustic materials with isolating air gaps in order to prevent unwanted acoustic artefacts, such as reflections from nearby surfaces. This allows you to capture a dry, un-coloured take, which you can then process to perfectly fit in with any project.

The Reflexion Filter Pro is the choice of professionals across the world and for good reason; while competing filters may look similar, none perform like the Reflexion Filter Pro and many even distort and colour your sound, as well as not dealing with acoustic reflections effectively.

The Reflexion Filter Pro is currently at its lowest price ever - just £169 (also available with a FREE music stand attachment while stocks last - CLICK HERE for more info)! However, we're also running a special deal this weekend where you save another £20 on the item!



For more information on the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro or any of their other vocal filters (they also make Reflexion Filters with less layers for those on a budget), click the links below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro - More Info/Buy

sE Electronics Project Reflexion Filter - More Info/Buy

sE Electronics Project Reflexion X - More Info/Buy

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