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Posted on July 18, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Line 6 Sonic PortCheck out the Line 6 Sonic Port, a compact and great sounding device that can turn your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) into a home recording studio. Connect up a guitar or keyboard and plug your headphones and speakers straight into it and then hook it up to your iOS device and get jamming, recording or performing. The Sonic Port is an ideal device for anyone that wants a way of capturing their ideas in high-quality, or indeed wants to create professional recordings and mixes on their iOS device(s).

The Sonic Port can be used alongside any CoreAudio music app (e.g. GarageBand), as well the free Mobile POD and Jammit apps.

Mobile POD provides your iOS device with a host of tones from Line 6's popular POD multi-effects units, with over 10,000 presets designed by professional artists. You can also mix and match your own combinations of 32 amps, 6 stompbox and rack effects and 16 speaker cabinets to build your own custom sounds. You can even play along with your iTunes library using your favourite tones from the Mobile POD app.

Onto the award-winning and innovative Jammit app. Using Jammit, you can play along with real multi-track master recordings from major artists (additional songs are available as in-app purchases). Because you are working with multi-track recordings, this has the advantage over playing along with your iTunes library in that you can mute and adjust volumes of selected parts of the track, allowing you to remove or lower the level of guitar parts and jam over the top. You can even perform loops, slow the track down (useful if you're struggling to keep up with a tricky part!) and record your performance. The Jammit app is fantastically fun and it's a brilliant learning tool. It even loads up relevant tones with each song and automatically changes tone as the song plays (if relevant) so that your guitar will always resemble that of the original song!

Jammit App

As well as providing a means of creating high-quality recordings on your iOS device, the Sonic Port is also a super-handy practice and live performance device when used in place of a pedalboard, which let's face it, can be a drag to lug round at times. In this scenario, simply connect the Sonic Port between your guitar and amp and use the Mobile POD app to instantly recall your whole effects chain exactly as you set it up for every song in your set.

For more information on the Line 6 Sonic Port, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

Line 6 Sonic Port - More Info/Buy

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