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Posted on January 13, 2014 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Apogee Electronics have just announced that they will be releasing updated versions of their JAM and MiC products, with both now capable of recording with a quality of up to 24-bit/96kHz (as opposed to the 48kHz of the original units).

The Apogee JAM 96k allows you to connect your guitar to an iOS device or Mac computer, and record it to your favourite App/software with amazing detail and clarity. The JAM 96k even has an updated circuitry design, which has been created in order to bring out the 'true' tone of your instrument. It also comes with a lightning iOS cable, 30-pin iOS cable, USB Mac cable and quick start guide.

The Apogee MiC 96k is a microphone that you can hook up to your iOS device or Mac in order to record vocals or instruments to your favourite App or DAW. It comes with the same cables as the JAM 96k, but also includes a table top stand and microphone stand adapter.

Apogee JAM 96k and Apogee MiC 96k

For more information on the Apogee JAM 96k or Apogee MiC96k, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

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