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AJH Synth Eurorack Modules Now Available

Posted on February 1, 2016 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments


Absolute Music are pleased to announce they are expanding their Eurorack offering with modules from local producer AJH Synth.

We're very pleased to announce that we are now dealers for AJHSynth and now have a MiniMod demo system available to try in store as well as modules for sale. The MiniMod is AJHSynth's first system and is a lovingly crafted recreation of an original RA Moog Model D in Eurorack format. The MiniMod system was designed to sound as close to the vintage Model D as possible so they have used exactly the same internal circuitry and every module runs at the same internal signal and control voltage levels as the original.

A full MiniMod system consists of five modules: VCO, VCF, VCA, Dual Contour Generator and Glide & Noise. Any, or all, of these modules can be integrated into an existing Eurorack system or, combined with a case and power supply, can become a standalone synthesizer.


Although the MiniMod was designed to sound as much like a Model D as possible, Allan has added extra features such as full manual and CV control of pulse width and linear and exponential modulation on the VCO's. This opens up a whole new world of sounds, especially when used as part of a larger Eurorack system. The MiniMod isn't just about recreating the past, it's a perfect start to the more experimental side of synthesis. And let's face it, we play synths to create our own sounds and having a set of modules of this quality can only be a good thing.

Have a listen to some of these demos created by Damian Salza entirely on a MiniMod system or, if you're near us in Bournemouth, why not come in and have a play and hear for yourself how great this setup is.

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