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Focusrite ISA 430 MkII ThumbThe Focusrite ISA 430 MkII is a swiss army knife of tools for the modern studio, bringing together an ISA-series transformer-based pre-amp, dual topology compressor (with VCA, Vintage Opto and Opto Limit modes), classic Focusrite EQ, a gate and expander, plus a de-esser into one unit, with precision VU metering at multiple points. The Focusrite ISA 430 MkII represents the pinnacle of Focusrite's analogue channel strip technology, providing professional sonic character to your mix with a variety of impressive processing sounds.

For a limited time, you can get 20% off the price of the ISA 430 MkII at checkout! Just add it to your basket, click to view your basket and you'll notice that a crazy discount has been applied to the final price!

Focusrite ISA 430 MkII

Please note, you can also save 20% on the optional digital card to accompany the ISA 430 MkII (also compatible with the Focusrite ISA One), which provides 2 channels of the highest quality 24-bit conversion at all sample rates up to 192kHz.

For more information on the Focusrite ISA 430 MkII, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

Focusrite ISA 430 MkII - More Info/Buy

Focusrite ISA Stereo ADC Card - More Info/Buy

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