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NEW: Yamaha EAD10 Hybrid Drum Module

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments

Studio-quality drum sound: Yamaha EAD10 is a complete solution for acoustic drums - for practice, recording, and on stage. Make your drums do more.

The EAD10 acoustic electronic drum module instantly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds and studio quality digital effects. It allows you to play and record your acoustic drums along with your favorite artists from your music library or from tracks from your friends and share them digitally.

With the free iOS App you can shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances to your YouTube and social media channels.

The EAD10 enhances every aspect of your drumming – the way you practice, record and perform live and makes your acoustic drums do more.

EAD10 - the complete solution for drums

The Yamaha EAD10 consists of two parts: the EAD Sensor and the EAD Module. The Sensor is simply attached to the bass drum hoop and records the entire drum kit from this position. The bass drum itself activates a Trigger in the EAD Sensor, the entire kit is picked up by the two integrated microphones. These signals are transmitted via two cables to the EAD Module where they can be processed with effects. The result is a high quality recording of the processed sound, which can be monitored through headphones, a PA system or sent to a laptop or mobile devise via USB.


EAD Module


Trigger Module and recording solution

The EAD Module also offers the option of extending and layering the acoustic drum sound with more than 750 built-in Samples or up to 100 sounds of your own. For this purpose, the Module offers Inputs for up to six Triggers such as the Yamaha DT50, which can also be used with additional Pads instead of sensors attached to the drums. A trigger for the bass drum is integrated in the EAD Sensor. When the EAD10 is connected to a computer with the appropriate software, the configured sound can be recorded directly. This quickly and easily results in great drum recordings without the need for additional microphones or studio equipment.


EAD Sensor


Jam, learn, and share via free App

The Yamaha EAD10 works perfectly with the free iOS App Rec'n'Share. This makes it possible to shoot videos of your own performances, which can then be stored and uploaded to social media or YouTube. To learn and rehearse songs, the music can be played back at different tempos in the App, with the option of an automatically generated clicktrack. Jamming to your favourite music is also possible without the App: an AUX input on the EAD10 allows you to play along with your favourite tracks.

Practice, record, and play live with studio sound

The Yamaha EAD10 offers a tremendous amount of features and possibilities in an extremely compact format;

- Stereo microphones for acoustic recording of the drums.
- Bass drum Trigger.
- Module with up to six Trigger Inputs and over 750 Samples included.
- Effects and recording possibilities.
- Versatile practice and jam options via the App.

This makes the EAD10 the perfect solution for all applications, from practicing new songs in the rehearsal room to recording your own performances and performing live.




Yamaha EAD10 – make your drums do more.

Gavin Thomas, Yamaha Drums UK Marketing Manager states, “Simply, the most creative product Yamaha have ever designed for drums in my opinion. With EAD you will smile as you drum along with your favourite songs and enjoy your own drum kit like never before, then you will wonder how you have ever managed to live without it. You feel like a rock star when you sat behind EAD and it trust me it feels good.

Price and Availability

The Yamaha EAD10 consists of the EAD Sensor and the EAD Module will be arriving very soon and is expected to cost around £556. Give us a call to order yours today!

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