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Serious about Synths? Meet the Modulus 002

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments

modulus 002


Start-up launches innovative British designed and built analogue/digital music Synthesiser Next generation music synthesiser will drive a new wave of music creation. Modulus are now known as Modal Electronics.

We love the 002 here at absolutemusic and highly recommend trying this beautiful instrument at our Superstore to fully appreciate the sheer breadth and range of sounds this synth can generate. Equally at home on stage or in the studio, the 002 has a massive feature set and feels like a fully professional instrument: the Fatar keyboard is smooth and responsive and the controls are set out so logically, you'll be programming confidently in no time.




Bristol, UK – Modal Electronics, a Bristol-based start-up that designs and manufactures musical instruments, has launched the Modulus.002, the world’s first analogue/digital music synthesiser de- signed for the Internet age. Designed and built in the UK by a team of passionate synthesiser experts, it creates the rich analogue sounds that have been at the heart of creative music since the 1960’s by using a mix of classic analogue techniques and the latest digital technology to give reliability and inno-cation.


All sound demos are recorded with no multi-tracking, effects or mastering



NCO oscillators offer traditional waveforms with a range of digital tones as well
Fully analogue signal path after the oscillator section
Rich sounding and versatile analogue transistor ladder filter
12 discrete voices with mutli timbral operation
Extensive modulation options, all accessible from the front panel
12 track, 12 row, 32 step sequencer and highly featured arpeggiator
Ethernet port to enable updates and access to Modulus Cloud features


So what other notable modulus.002 features are worth making a song and dance about? An inbuilt MIDI-sync-able 16-track, 12-row, 32-step sequencer with 16 front panel-positioned step-time editing controls can give any hardware rivals already out there a serious run for their money. For sequences can not only be transposed dynamically while running but sophisticated so-called 'mini arpeggiator sequences' created using the arpeggiator's Hold mode can be speedily saved as sequences for latter recall and editing using the sequencer. Moreover, modulus.002's Animator allows any control to be sequenced, enabling complex filter transitions, waveform changes, and modulation matrix changes to be sequenced. Lest we forget, 12 'quick recall banks' are accessible directly from dedicated front panel buttons. Build up set lists of presets, sequences, and animations, making modulus.002 a live performance partner par excellence.

Though the Modulus trading name dates back to when current company co-founder and director Paul Maddox made his much-admired MonoWave synthesiser in 1999, by becoming aware of the reemergence from bankruptcy of a non-related MI industry company also known as Modulus, Maddox and his fellow directors decided to create a unique brand by also using The NAMM Show 2015 as the perfect platform to announce that it will be now known as Modal Electronics going forward.


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