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komplete 11

Discover a new universe of sound with KOMPLETE 11. The latest generation of the world’s leading production suite combines inspiring, state-of-the-art instruments with studio-quality effects – a comprehensive collection for any production task and all genres of music. A long-established must-have for pro studios, KOMPLETE 11 is everything you need to define your sound without limits.


The ultimate resource for pro production, scoring, performance, and sound design. 87 products, over 18,000 sounds, and more than 500 GB of instruments and effects. With maximum range and quality at your fingertips, create music without limits.


The world’s leading collection for production, performance, and sound design. 45 products, over 13,000 sounds, and more than 155 GB of instruments and effects. The tools you need for every production task and any type of music.


A wide-ranging music production suite for all genres – the perfect gateway to the world of KOMPLETE. You get 11 full products, over 2,500 sounds, and more than 25 GB of instruments and effects in a single, studio-ready package.

Wherever you look in the music world, you’ll find KOMPLETE. From household names to the outer edge of the avant-garde. From Hollywood blockbuster studios to game design labs. From the biggest acts in contemporary music to the bedroom producer next door. Find your place in the world of KOMPLETE.

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