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Komplete 10 & Komplete 10 Ultimate Blow Out

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments


Komplete 10 now only £289 and Komplete Ultimate £499. Grab a bargain while stocks last.

Komplete is the worldwide studio standard - definitive instruments and effects collections for all music production duties.

Komplete covers all styles of music, including more traditional (sample-based) sounds like pianos, orchestral instruments and drums, but also incorporates a very powerful modular synth creation environment in Reaktor. Reaktor can be configured to be anything you like – synthesizer, sample player, effects unit, or anything else you can build with its graphical system building blocks.

Also included are Massive – a huge sounding synth with a very powerful modulation system, FM8 – a good old FM synthesis plugin based on the Yamaha DX7 engine, and Absynth – an additive-type synth creating some very unusual textures and sounds.

Native Instruments Komplete

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