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Just Announced: the Nord Stage 3

Posted on April 5, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments

Nord Stage 3 Stage Piano
The fifth generation of the successful Stage Series, the Nord Stage 3 has just been announced and it features Nord’s award-winning technologies including the Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with sample playback, acclaimed Nord C2D Organ Engine, a greatly enhanced Piano Section, and extensive hands-on Effects - all in one exceptional performance keyboard.

When professionals need a stage piano and have high demands, chances are they will be looking to a Nord. Very few other stage pianos come close in terms of sounds, performance and flexibility. There are 3 models in the new Stage 3 line, the Nord Stage 3 88 (the top-of-the-line 88 key model), the Nord Stage 3 HP76 (features an extremely lightweight 76-note Hammer Action Portable keybed) and the Nord Stage 3 Compact (a 73 note semi weighted waterfall keybed with physical drawbars).

All 3 models have very similar functionality and power behind them and a raft of improvements from the previous generation. New features include two OLED displays that promise to have super-clear visibility on stage, seamless transitions between sounds, improved Split functionality and a whole new Song List mode that was designed with live performers in mind. The Nord Stage 3 boasts three impressive sound-generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesiser, all of which can be used concurrently. So let’s take a quick look at each one...

Piano Section
The Stage 3 has double the amount of memory for the Nord Piano Library (including expanded voice polyphony and creative new Piano Filters) as the previous generation, meaning it now packs a whopping 2GB of storage. Within the piano stage, the Nord Stage 3 features a selection of Grands, Uprights, Electric Pianos, Digital Pianos, a Clavinet and a Harpsichord from the exclusive Nord Piano Library. The Nord Stage 3 Piano Section also features a brand new “Layer” category with rich dynamic layered patches.



The Nord Stage 3 - 88


Synth Section
The Nord Stage 3 comes loaded with the Nord Lead A1 synth engine with sample playback and utilises one of the two on-board OLED displays. The Lead A1 synth engine has been gaining a reputation for its analog-modelling warmth, and utilises brilliant Smart Oscillator Configurations to deliver impressive results with very little programming. Single oscillator setups include Shape, FM, Ring Mod, Detune and Sync. Dual oscillator modes include Noise, Sine, Saw, Triangle and Square Mix. The Synth section also includes a brand new Oscillator category with massive “Super Waves”.

As mentioned above the Stage 3 has a powerful sample playback function built-in and utilises Nord’s own sample library (480 MB memory for the library) as well as having the flexibility of tweaking and importing samples using the Nord Sample Editor.



The Nord Stage 3 - HP76


Organ Section
The Stage 3 comes with Nord’s C2D organ simulations of B3 Tonewheel and Transistor Organs and two new Principal Pipe Organs. It is also now possible to use 2 organ voices simultaneously, with the updated vintage Model 122 Rotary Speaker emulation on each slot. As mentioned above, the Nord Stage 3 Compact has physical drawbars and supports the Nord Half Moon Switch for controlling the speed of the rotating speaker simulation.


Nord-Stage-3-compactThe Nord Stage 3 - Compact


Effect Section
Arching over the Piano, Synth and Organ sections is the powerful effect section with a wide range of editable effects including Delay, Compressor, Reverb, Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, Pan, Wah, RM, Flanger and Vibe, all modelled after classic stomp boxes. Each of the effects can be applied to the individual sound generation stages (for example you can have a hint of reverb on your piano sound and at the same time have a huge wash of reverb on your organ sound).

Because we are a Nord dealer we will, or course, be stocking these exciting new stage pianos and we are expecting them to be arriving in July, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for further details.

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