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iZotope Software, Bundles and Upgrades - All You Need to Know

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izotope software

iZotope are at the cutting edge of audio technology and have spent many years developing software for musicians, mixing and mastering engineers, as well as for broadcast and post production including Ozone, RX and Neutron.

The range of iZotope software can be quite confusing, as can the various iZotope bundles and upgrades that are available for download.

This page will help you find the right iZotope download, bundle or upgrade.

iZotope products can be split into five ‘families’...

  • iZotope Neutron             advanced channel strip for mixing
  • iZotope Ozone                 mastering software
  • iZotope RX                         audio repair software
  • iZotope Effects
  • iZotope Instruments

Within the Neutron, Ozone and RX families, there are three tiers, varying in features and price – these are the Elements, Standard and Advanced versions.

These are the current individual products:

Neutrino FREE spectral shaping plug-in based on the latest in technology featured in Neutron
Neutron Elements Budget-friendly channel strip
Neutron 2 Standard Complete channel strip with Track Assistant, the revolutionary Masking Meter and Visual Mixer
Neutron 2 Advanced Adds component plug-ins, Mix Tap, Tonal Balance Control and surround sound support
Ozone  Elements Mastering Made Easy: Includes Ozone EQ, Ozone Maximizer and Master Assistant
Ozone 8 Standard Complete Mastering System with Master Assistant, track referencing and more
Ozone 8 Advanced Complete Mastering System with Extended Professional Features and Tonal Balance Control
Tonal Balance Control Analysis tool that visualises your audio against a reference target
RX Elements Audio Repair basics. Includes four real-time noise reduction plug-ins and the standalone audio editor
RX 6 Standard Complete Audio Repair. Includes Breath Control, De-bleed, De-ess, Mouth De-click, Composite View and more
RX 6 Advanced Professional Complete Audio Repair. Includes Dialogue Isolate, De-rustle, De-wind, Ambience Match and more
RX Loudness Control Automatic loudness compliance tool
Insight Essential Metering Suite
Trash 2 Expanded Creative Distortion Processor. Includes Expansion Packs: Classic Textures and Edge
Vocal Synth A diverse vocal resynthesis and harmony generation laboratory
Nectar 2 Production Suite Professional Vocal Suite
Vinyl Timeless. Priceless. FREE. Vinyl Simulation plug-in
DDLY Dynamic Delay Dynamic Delay Processor
Mobius Filter Creative plug-in that adds infinitely ascending and descending filter sweeps
Stutter Edit Cutting-Edge Audio Slicing and Manipulation
BreakTweaker Future Beat Machine
BreakTweaker Expanded BreakTweaker + 4 Sound Libraries
Iris 2 Sample based synthesizer


If you like the look of more than one iZotope product, then there are various bundles available.

Here is a handy matrix showing all of the current iZotope bundles:

BUNDLE  >>>>> Creative Bundle Elements Suite Music Production Suite O8N2 Bundle RX Post Production Suite 2.1
Neutron Elements   yes      
Neutron 2 Standard          
Neutron 2 Advanced     yes yes yes
Ozone  Elements   yes      
Ozone 8 Standard          
Ozone 8 Advanced     yes yes  
Tonal Balance Control     yes yes  
RX Elements   yes      
RX 6 Standard     yes    
RX 6 Advanced         yes
RX Loudness Control         yes
Insight         yes
Trash 2 Expanded yes   yes    
Vocal Synth     yes    
Nectar 2 Production Suite     yes    
Stutter Edit yes        
BreakTweaker Expanded yes        
Iris 2 yes        


If you already own an iZotope product already and want to upgrade your software, then there are lots of options, depending on what you already own.

Upgrade to…
 Upgrade from Neutron 2 Standard Neutron 2 Advanced Ozone 8 Standard Ozone 8 Advanced
Neutron Elements UPGRADE UPGRADE
Any Neutron UPGRADE
Neutron Standard UPGRADE
Neutron Advanced UPGRADE
Ozone 7 Elements UPGRADE UPGRADE
Ozone 1-7 (Standard or Advanced) UPGRADE
Ozone 1-7 Standard UPGRADE
Ozone 5-7 Advanced UPGRADE
  RX Elements RX 6 Standard RX 6 Advanced RX Post Production Suite 2.1
RX 1-5 Standard UPGRADE
RX 6 Advanced UPGRADE
RX Post Production Suite 1 UPGRADE
RX Post Production Suite 2 UPGRADE
  O8N2 Bundle Music Production Suite    
Music Production Bundle 1 UPGRADE    
Music Production Bundle 2 UPGRADE UPGRADE    
Any Standard Product UPGRADE UPGRADE    
Any Advanced Product UPGRADE UPGRADE    
Iris 2 Nectar 2 Production Suite Trash 2 Expanded Elements Suite
Any Elements UPGRADE
Nectar Elements UPGRADE


So hopefully, if there were any confusion about iZotope upgrades and bundles, then this page will help you to find the right product for you!

For further details about each product, follow the links in the charts above.

Products up to date as of 9th January 2018.

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