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Huge 60% off on iZotope Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 - March Flash Sale!

Posted on March 4, 2019 by Kieran There have been 0 comments

iZotope March Promotion


Now is your chance to bag pro grade mixing and mastering plug-ins at a huge discount!

For the whole of March (1st - 31st), the iZotope Neutron 2, Ozone 8, Bundle and Music Production Suite will be on flash sale!

Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 are mixing and mastering audio plug-ins for your digital audio workstation (Ableton, Reaper, FL Studio, Logic etc). The magic of iZotope software is it's beautiful user interface and ease of use. When you're recording music, mixing and mastering is your polish.

Whether you're an industry professional or a bedroom producer, these VSTs have a plethora of mixing and mastering features to enhance your music.

Product Level Breakdown

The levels of the Ozone and Neutron Products (click the links to be taken to the product) are:

Ozone and Neutron Elements are a great starting point for those who are starting out with mixing and mastering - it offers tools you need to get started with polishing your work, be aware that the reference track feature is not available in Elements for Ozone.

The big difference between Standard and Advanced is the ability to use any part of neutron/ozone as their own individual VST plugins. By default the products open up in one big window containing all the components, but you might just want the compressor or the EQ.

This is great for saving CPU in your computer and when you might just want one plugin on the mixer track such as an EQ instead of loading the entire suite.

You can upgrade at any time so don't worry about buying something. If you're in doubt give us a call.

iZotope User Interface

iZotope's beautiful user interface sets it apart from other plugins, you can see visually what's happening when you are modifying your audio, everything is where you expect it to be.

The Track Assistant function in Neutron will help you get your mix to a solid standard, for advanced users this function will act as a perfect starting point before you add your own creative tweaks.

Neutron 2

Neutron is a first and foremost a mixing plugin, gluing all of your instruments together, creating space for your sounds to breathe.

Mixing is an essential part of producing music, without a mixing workflow your instruments may sound disjointed and elements of them may clash such as vocals and cymbals. Clashing frequencies can ruin the music of even the most talented musicians.

Neutron 2 contains

Transient Shaper

Shape your music with the Transient Shaper's attack and sustain functions.


Tighten your music up with the gate and control peaks.


Add some sparkle to the highs, bring out the shine.


Control which frequencies to boost or duck.


Squeeze, shape and control your sound.

These effects are almost always essential to a good mix in your music, you'll find yourself using these on every track.

Ozone 8

Ozone is a mastering plugin and standalone software, an all in one solution for mastering your tracks after you've produced them.

Standard edition and above allows you to take a reference track that you love the tone of, then does it's best to master your track to sound like the music you're trying to reference.

Ozone 8 Contains


Control which frequencies to boost or duck.

Dynamic EQ

EQ frequencies which change with the beat of your music

Dynamics (Multiband Compressor)

Compress precise frequencies to control the dynamics of your track.


Optimise your music's loudness with the Maximiser


Bring out the sparkle in your high frequencies

Vintage Limiter

Control the peaks of your music, prevent distortions.


Visually analyse your music for optimal sound placement.

Post EQ

Final frequency tweaks to highlight the sounds that matter.

If you wanted your new smash rock hit to sound like AC/DC, just load up one of their tracks as a reference and the then run the assistant to analyse that sound. Ozone gets you as close as possible to their mastering chain! This is a great starting point if you want to tweak the sound for professional use afterwards.

Ozone is also available as a standalone program, so you can export your track and then master it within Ozone 8 without running a DAW if you're short on resources.

Music Production Suite 2

The Music Production Suite contains both Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 Advanced for mixing and mastering, the advanced versions, but you also get a suite of high grade plugins to add to your collection.

This powerful plugins are available outside of the pack, but the saving you make when buying this pack during the flash sale is cheaper than these products have ever been sold before.

MPS2 Contains

Neutron 2 Advanced - Pro Grade Mixing

Ozone 8 Advanced - Pro Grade Mastering

Tonal Balance Control - Analyse Frequency Balance

RX7 Standard Audio Repair - Pro Grade Repair

VocalSynth 2 - Full Vocal Synthesizer

Nectar 3 Vocal Mixing - Pro Vocal Mixing

Insight 2 Metering - Visualize Volume Control

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