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Dave Weckl Clinic at Absolute Music

Posted on July 17, 2016 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments

Dave Weckl Clinic

Dave Weckl is without doubt one of the greatest Drummers in the modern world, and having him perform a clinic in Bournemouth was somewhat surreal to say the least. One of only two clinic dates in the UK, Dave arrived to the seaside town on a rare sunny day and enjoyed an ice cream on the famous Bournemouth beach, as any tourist usually would.

Dave began the clinic by paying homage to his mentors and the greats of the yesteryear, telling the audience of his biggest influences, and in turn passing on some highly valuable information, before taking us on a ride that I for one will never forget. His in-depth analysis of hand technique was single handedly the best, and easiest to grasp, explanation of one of the most important concepts of drumming that I myself have ever heard, and with just 5 minutes of pure genius, left myself, and I’m sure all of the audience, with a much brighter and solid path to rapid improvement.

Dave Weckl Clinic


As well as proving his vast experienced through explanation, Dave also played his kit like an absolute monster. With the perfect balance between groove and technical ability, Dave transformed the drum kit into a full four section orchestra, speaking his own words through the drums and frankly just making fantastic music.


Total mastery of the instrument would be an understatement, Dave showed us all how it is done and why he is first call for so many great artists.

Dave Weckl Clinic


The one disappointing thing was that it had to end. How are we going to follow that?

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