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Best iPhone condenser Microphone? SHURE MV88

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments

As you know you can easily record audio from your smart phone. But most times its not the ideal way of capturing the best possible sound quality.

If you want to capture decent audio to you iPhone for podcasts, band rehearsals, singing or even Facebook live, I would recommend the Shure MV88. It’s a top quality condenser microphone which enables you to record 24bit at 48khz straight to you iPhone.

You get everything you need straight out of the zipper case, a wind screen and the mic itself. Its very easy to use. You just plug it straight in, download the Shureplus MOTIV APP and you are set.

When you go into the app you get the choice of four settings. These are calibrated for speech, singing, acoustic guitar and LOUD. I would probably use the LOUD setting to record in a gig environment or if I wanted to capture band rehearsals.
You can even tweak the settings more by using the limiter and compressor feature. There’s even a wind reduction, a left and right swap out and a equaliser button to adjust accordingly.

After you’ve recorded the audio on your iPhone, you can then save it and send it via text message, email, Dropbox and more.

One thing to mention though, the mic hinge will only pivot one way, So if you need to point it the other direction, you’ll just need to unplug it and face it the other way, No big deal.

I’ll aways have my phone close by so I can carry this very easily in my pocket. An added bonus is… as long as you have the surplus app running in the background, you can record video footage and the audio will be captured from the MV88.

Lastly, I just want to mention that all the voice audio was recorded using the SHURE MV88


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