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Aston Halo Shadow

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments

Aston Shadow
The Shadow offers the same superb performance as the Aston Halo reflection filter, with a new look in all black finish for those who want a more ‘moody’ space to work with. In a market awash with differing versions of an ageing design concept, what makes the Aston HALO different?

There are several key areas on which British microphone company Aston focused on improving currently available technology, most notably for isolation, absorption, mounting hardware and the general performance as a studio tool for achieving an impressive portable room control solution. HALO Shadow’s unique design is also patented... it’s much bigger, wraps around top and bottom (something which many other models neglect to cover) to a maximum rear depth of almost 100mm to improve room isolation and absorption without dominating the room sound. Its textured and wave-formed surface also helps diffuse direct sound.


Aston Halo Shadow


Market research revealed that many people have a hard time with getting a good performance when using other reflection filters because aesthetically they are not very ‘creative-friendly’ environments. The HALO Shadow’s form and colour scheme is designed to create a more ‘organic-feeling’ space for the performer to work with.

The combination of radically improved performance in almost every area of currently available technology, while paying special attention to both the green credentials of Aston's manufacturing (as with their mic packaging which is 100% recyclable and 84% recycled material), and to the creative element that the artist requires in their performance environment to get the best from every take, makes, one of the best possible solutions for portable room acoustics available today.


Aston Shadow


The HALO Shadow is made from a patented PET felt which is one of the most lightweight and efficient, technical acoustic products available today, making it ideal for use in a reflection filter. An additional side benefit is that the acoustic felt which makes up most of the sound absorption field, is made from 70% recycled PET plastic bottle material, so this highly technical product is also very environmentally friendly. The lightweight material design, coupled with beautifully engineered ‘easy-mount’ hardware, means the Aston HALO Shadow is quick and easy to set up, stable on mic stands, and sounds and looks fantastic.

What do other people say about the Aston Halo Shadow?

“…the Halo sets a new bar for personal vocal booths: the large, lightweight shell-shaped design and the felt material combine to make it very effective.”
“The subjective results were perfectly clean; I could discern no audible coloration” “…the extra isolation this produces is definitely worth it.”

Paul White
Sound on Sound

“The Halo is more than just another reflection filter, and manages to look good while also improving your signal quality.”
“If you regularly track vocals in small untreated rooms, this type of device should be high on your wishlist.”
“The Halo has tech specs that out-perform the alternatives, but it is much simpler to set up and use.”

MusicTech Magazine

“The most impressive quality of the Halo is its sonic neutrality”
“Halo is both surprising and pleasing.”
“In a bright room the noticeable loss of sibilant reflections is clear, making mix adjustments a lot easier.”

Future Music

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