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Antelope Audio Modelling Microphones – Edge and Verge

Posted on December 10, 2018 by Richard Bottom There have been 0 comments

How many mic’s are in your mic locker?

There are hundreds of microphones to choose from, and making that choice can be a difficult decision – will that mic suit my voice? Will it suit the female artist I’m recording tomorrow? Will it give me the tone I’m after for this particular recording?

The likely answer to these questions is ‘I don’t know’ – until you try it in session. That’s one reason why most studios will have a selection of microphones, and choose the one that works best for the particular task at hand.

Enter Antelope Audio microphone modelling technology…


Modelling microphones use the power of DSP to emulate any other microphone – this is not just about EQ – it’s about response and ‘feel’. Antelope have taken this approach, and produced a range of microphones that can change their character at the push of a (virtual) button.


The Verge mic is a small diaphragm modelling mic that includes emulations of some of the world’s most renowned ‘pencil’ microphones and electrets. With names like Perth 55, Berlin 184, and Aalborg 4006, you might be able to work out what these are emulations are!

The Verge is a very accurate mic that is also capable of high SPL recording.



The Edge modelling mic (not the U2 guitarist) is a large diaphragm mic that comes in a number of flavours –

Edge Solo             -              single diaphragm

Edge Duo             -              dual diaphragm with separate diaphragm output signals for post-processing

Edge Quadro      -              four diaphragms for 360 degree recording, with four signal outputs

The Edge will work with any mic pre-amp, but to really get the most out of it (technically, to ensure impedances are also emulated) an Antelope mic pre-amp should be used – either one incorporated into an Antelope interface, or as a dedicated mic pre-amp and microphone bundle - the Edge Strip, which includes a dedicated 2-channel mic pre-amp, the Discrete MP, and an Edge Duo.

Current vintage emulations include Vienna 12, Berlin 67, Berlin 87, Oxford 4038, Vienna 414 and more, with new emulations being added as they are created.


So, if you are in the market for a new microphone and you’re not sure which way to turn, be sure to check out Antelope Audio’s ultra-modern-retro chameleon-like modelling mic’s.

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