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Novation Finish Something

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We're sure you and you've spent hours 'tweaking music’: making odd noises, jamming out, or getting 'that' snare just right.

How often do we actually manage it, though? To finish something?

Novation have travelled around the U.K. and U.S. talking to some of their closest and most influential friends in the industry including Floating Points, Throwing Snow, MJ Cole and Om Unit and simply asked...

How do you finish something?

Finish Something Tutorials 

(Click on the title to view)

Part 1: Introducing the Hardware Setup

Part 2: Capturing audio & MIDI in Ableton Live

Part 3:  Adding variation using Circuit’s sequencer

Part 4: Using Launchpad Pro to add arrangement variety

Part 5: Ableton arrangement tips with Launch Control XL & Launchpad Pro

Part 6: Perform your arrangement with Launch Control & Launchpad Pro

Part 7: Completing your mix with Launch Control XL


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