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New Zildjian K Custom Special Cymbals

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments


We have been stocking Zildjian for a good number of years now and we still get excited when a new batch of cymbals arrive. The new Zildjian K Custom Special Drys are certainly no exception.

The original dry sound that Zildjian created over a decade ago has been completely remastered for today’s modern music. Raw and earthy, the Zildjian K Custom Dry cymbals deliver a dry, funky sound with a fast attack and lots of trash for a unique expression of personality. An innovative three step hammering process, distinctive shape and extra thin weight give the cymbals a fast attack, while shutting down quickly with just enough sustain. This sound, combined with the dark, dirty appearance make the new K Custom Special Dry exactly what many of today’s drummers are looking for.

K Custom hatsThe 15 inch K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats

We have just taken stock of a set of 15 inch hats, a 14 inch hat top, a 19 inch crash, a 21 inch ride and a very tasty 21 inch trash crash cymbal, which has been designed to create a unique white noise sound that projects through any live performance. The 14” FX HiHat Top features a unique hole pattern to emulate a “filtered” studio sound.

Because we are an authorised dealer, we currently have around 90 Zildjian cymbals on our website ready for you to order online or in-store. However, if you can not find the cymbal that you are looking for, just get in touch and we can order it for you.

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