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Elixir Optiweb Strings - Coated Guitar Strings That Feel Uncoated

Posted on February 24, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 1 comment(s)

Elixir Optiweb

At last month’s NAMM show guitar string manufacturer Elixir unveiled its new Optiweb strings, promising natural feel and tone but with the lifespan of a coated set.

Many guitarists often sing the praises of uncoated strings for their ringing and open tone but find themselves having to change strings more often because they are more prone to corrosion. Elixir claims to have combined the best of both worlds with their new Optiweb electric guitar strings that have a ultra-thin coating for protection that doesn’t affect the tone or feel.

These new strings sound like their uncoated counterparts, according to guitarists that volunteered for beta testing, and have a crisp tone with a natural feel. As with other electric strings by Elixir, the Optiwebs are nickel plated steel and come in 5 different gauges - Super Light (9-42), Custom Light (9-46), Light (10-46), Light-heavy (10-52) and Medium (11-49). The new range sits alongside their Nanoweb and Polyweb coated strings. The Nanoweb Coated strings have a bright tone and smooth feel. While the Polyweb Coated strings have a warm tone with a slick, fast feel.

Elixir Optiweb

Elixir has used the launch of the new strings as an opportunity to redesign the packaging, which is now more modern and simplified looking, so keep an eye out for that next time you are in the shop. Elixir Optiweb electric guitar strings are available to order online or in-store from 1st March 2017.

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1 Response to Elixir Optiweb Strings - Coated Guitar Strings That Feel Uncoated

  • Hi Absolute Music, It's a pity that W.L. Gore and associates have not seen fit to include a Heavy 12-52 gauge set in their new Elixir Optiweb electric guitar string range as I have been using this option in their Nanoweb electric range on my Fender Stratocaster for many years. As I play mostly rhythm guitar in my band I prefer a heavy gauge set with a wound 3rd string for a comfortable playing experience and my preferred tone. I was extremely disappointed to note this omission in the Optiweb launch as otherwise I would have been eager to try them asap. Any chance that you could relay this feedback to W.L. Gore's head office in the USA as I'm sure that it would increase their customer base for these premium strings ? I'm sure that I'm not the only player in the world who prefers 12-52's with a wound 3rd on his electric guitar.

    Posted on April 22, 2017 at 2:40 pm