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Absolute Music Sponsors the Powerful Artist Programme

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The Powerful Artist programme is the brainchild of Gina Langton.  As a former performer, manager and promoter herself, she has discovered that there are certain aspects of the work involved in performing at a high level that can affect artists mentally, physically and spiritually.  This programme, which offers one-to-one confidential sessions, takes you through the five key elements you need to master to have a successful music life and business.  It helps you understand more about how your business works, whilst keeping your creativity front and centre.

The Powerful Artist Programme event is for artists looking to get a handle on the detailed aspects of the music business, and will be held from 6pm on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge, London, SW6 1HS.

Attendees will gain an insight into the newly launched Powerful Artist Programme and aims to help musicians create the business and the life that they want. During the evening you will hear from people who have extensive knowledge of the music industry, its intricacies, its pitfalls and how to survive in it, and is an opportunity to meet and network with fellow musicians and take part in small “break out” sessions whilst enjoying drinks and nibbles.

 Listen to the Radio Interview HERE

The Programme

The Powerful Artist programme gives musicians a step-by-step plan for building a brand and a team, as well as developing a sense of purpose, without which it can be difficult to sustain a long-term career.  It also helps artists challenge beliefs that might be getting in the way of letting you feel fulfilled and happy. Learn how to apply the skills you already have in a different way in order to benefit you and your career – and get your mojo back!

This exclusive launch event will give you a taster of what the full programme can do for you as an artist trying to establish your brand and personality in an industry that is fast developing and forever changing.


The Speakers



Since his proto-punk band The Doctors of Madness first hit the headlines in 1975, the musician, actor, writer and adventurer Richard Strange has worked in every field of the performing arts. Richard has continued to write and record songs, release CDs, appear in films and onstage around the world, make videos, curate Live Art events, write a memoir, lecture, and play live concerts.


Increasingly involved in the worlds of education and academia, he teaches Creative Musicianship to BA students at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, and is also a mentor on the National Music Education charity, Music For Youth. Overseas, he was elevated last year to Visiting Fellow by The Hong Kong Design Institute, where he also lectures and co-ordinates collaborative creative projects. He is also a Principal Fellow at the Higher Education Academy, one of only 350 in the country.



Gina Langton is a true inspiration to all who meet her.  With a long and rich history in the music industry and a Masters Degree in Music Business Management, it’s her passion now to use her tremendous experience and knowledge to help artists who are struggling to live their lives in the glare of the media, as well as making sure their creativity and wellbeing are front and centre.  She is a straight talker and isn’t frightened to tackle the issues at hand, while at the same time nurturing each artist, giving them the confidence they need to take control of their destiny.

Going back to the 70s, Gina was part of the Punk scene in Chelsea, mixing and working with major Punk names like Chrissie Hynde, Judy Nylon, Paul Simenon and Joe Strummer.  As singer/songwriter Gerbina Joblotti, she released the Top 40 single “Mr Big Stuff” in 1987 and toured the world promoting her work.

In 1997 Gina founded and ran the multimedia production company Joblotti Limited which successfully produced over two hundred live music shows, during which she continually collaborated with talented musicians, artists, writers, DJs, directors, editors and technicians.  She partnered with TV companies, artist management, promoters, independent labels, corporate events’ organisers and sponsors.




Attendees of The Powerful Artist Programme launch will receive special prices on products that Gina currently uses for her paying clients:

Exclusive access to the Life & Business Assessment Tool in order for you to determine what stage you are at in your life and career. You will leave the event with a clear picture of which areas you will need to work on to progress in your field.

A £100 voucher for an initial diagnostic session with Gina, enabling you to get a broader view of yourself as an artist and your business and what strategies you will need to put in place.

PLUS A free beer and crisps throughout the night and the opportunity to network.

For more information, and to book a place, head over to the Powerful Artist website


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