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Posted on October 14, 2010 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 2 comment(s)

Boasting controls and interface in one slick body, the CI2+ portable studio remains unmatched in its simplicity and sheer power in performance

Portable interfaces for recording and producing music come and go, but with its CI2+, Steinberg is offering the ultimate entry-level system solution, and it’s here to stay. When hooked up to a Mac or PC running the included Cubase Essential 5 production software, the CI2+ lets you record and edit vocals and instruments at the flick of a switch, making it easier to be more creative than ever before.


Plug in, rock out

With the CI2+ you can plug in your guitar and mic, and start jamming right away. The two combo inputs on the rear panel feature quality preamps and +48V phantom power for condenser mics, while providing the proper impedance loads for guitars with the Hi-Z switch on the first input. This way you can play straight through the AmpSimulator plug-in for house-levelling sounds thanks to its various amp and speaker cabinet emulations.

But wait! There’s more to it. Powered purely by USB, the CI2+ lets you record music through it whenever and wherever you like. And the Interactive Recording mode alongside the built-in footswitch connector lets you control the session with your feet. Now you can strum your guitar without ever having to take a break.

In full control

The CI2+ comes with the controls you’ll be expecting from a great audio interface: individual gain knobs with peak LEDs, dedicated master and headphone controls, and the list goes on and on.

What’ll take you by surprise, however, is its groundbreaking AI Knob, a ‘point & control’ precision controller employing Advanced Integration technology to seamlessly adjust VST plug-ins, mixing parameters and other functions in Cubase. When mousing over software controls, parameters are automatically placed under full precision control through the AI Knob. Around the knob you’ll also find further push-buttons for essential transport control.

Small is the new big

Together with the well touted Cubase Essential 5 music production system, the CI2+ is Steinberg’s epitome of portable interface solutions, giving you top-notch quality, amazing design and innovative functionality at an incomparable price.

So whether you’re composing songs at home, jamming with your band in the rehearsal room or remixing the latest hip hop and dance tracks on a laptop while on the move, together with Cubase Essential 5, the CI2+ combines all the very best of Steinberg’s engineering talent to anticipate the growing needs of modern musicians like you.

Why not head down to the absolutemusic showroom, bring your guitar with you and give the CI2+ a try.
A definite must-have, you’ll be all over it in no time!

Meet the family

With its range of CI interfaces, Steinberg offers three portable interfaces, each including different music production and editing software. All CI siblings feature the same connectivity, housing two microphone inputs with balanced combo jacks, high-quality microphone preamps and onboard phantom power. But it’s not all hardware!

Each CI includes different software applications to suit your needs. The CI1 features both Sequel LE, which is designed for first-time computer music aficionados looking to record their music with ease, and WaveLab LE for audio editing, mastering and full internet audio publishing.

The CI2 Advanced Integration USB studio comes with Cubase AI 5, a dedicated version of Cubase, while CI2+ shows off with Cubase Essential 5, giving you all the tools in a single box to help you with whatever recording and production project you may have in mind.

Steinberg CI2+ specs

Comes with: Cubase Essential 5
Audio inputs: Two XLR combo jacks, input 1 with HI-Z
Audio outputs: Two line outs (TRS), headphone out (TRS)
Controls: AI knob with Lock button, Start/Stop, Record, Next, Previous, Action Pad and footswitch connector for Interactive Recording mode




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  • says:

    Hi,many thanks for the review!

    Can it be used to record keyboard or digital piano like yamaha dgx 640?

    Posted on July 20, 2011 at 9:09 pm

  • Hi, thanks for the comment... I'm not actually too familiar with the Yamaha DGX-640 but as long as it has a line or headphone output then you can just hook it up to the line inputs on the CI2+ and make a recording on your computer.

    Posted on July 21, 2011 at 10:08 am