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Posted on March 28, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 2 comment(s)

We were so impressed with QSC’s K series speakers that we immediately pre-ordered the new KW series, so here’s an exclusive first look at them…

When we reviewed the K-series PA speakers from QSC a couple of issues ago (in our Absolute Music brochure), we were blown away, so much so that we installed them on our live stage and added them to our Hire Department stock. When we heard about the new KW series that was to follow, we put in an advance order and were lucky enough to get the first KWs in the country. Here’s what we thought…


The new QSC KW speakers have been designed to complement the K series that preceded them, but this time the speakers boast a second-generation wooden enclosure. Manufactured in QSC’s own factory in sunny California, these beasts are more compact and a good deal lighter than the previous HPR models. The KW122, for instance, weighs just 22.2 kilos!

Inside the box, the KWs incorporate all the groundbreaking electronic attributes of the K series. Packaged into the new Baltic birch casings are the same 1,000W of Class D power modules (two 500Ws), 1.75-inch high-output HF device (in the full-range models) and the extensive DSP features of the K series, along with all QSC’s patented technologies designed to fully optimise the system.


The KW series features four models:
• the KW122 12-inch, two-way multi-purpose loudspeaker,
• the KW152 15-inch, two-way trapezoidal loudspeaker
• the KW153 15-inch, three-way trapezoidal loudspeaker and
• the KW181 18-inch subwoofer.

Used separately or in combination, these powerful speakers can give you the perfect PA solution for any kind of music in any venue, from the smallest, most intimate acoustic gig to a full rock event, from a small karaoke party to a large-scale conference hall.


When we previously reviewed the K series speakers, our favourite feature was DEEP. As a quick reminder, DEEP (Digital Extension and Excursion Processing) means that one loudspeaker cabinet can deliver the kind of low end you’d normally only associate with a connected sub. This needs to be heard to be believed… which, of course, you can do by dropping into our Poole showroom, where the KWs are set up on our live stage.

There are four other great features well worth a mention:
• Connectivity – in addition to being able to connect an iPod via phono directly into the speaker, the KW series speakers also feature a four-position mic/line gain switch that allows for the connection of a wide variety of devices. This also means that up to three audio sources can be mixed internally and summed to a balanced output.
• Tilt Direct – the KW122 and KW152 feature a unique pole cup mounting system. A simple turn of the dial engages a 7° downward tilt of the speaker, ideal for applications where maximum coverage from a high-positioned speaker is desired.
• Auto-Standby – a simple but useful feature whereby the speaker turns itself to standby mode after five minutes of inactivity.
• Remote Gain – in an installed application, multiple KW speakers can be daisychained for total gain control from a single pot.


• Price: from only £1,299*
• Amplifier power: 1000W Class D
• Transducers:
KW122 – 12” LF + 1.75” HF
KW152 – 15” LF + 1.75” HF
KW153 – 15” LF + 6.5" MID 1.75” HF
KW181 (sub) – 18”
• Coverage pattern:
KW122 – 75° axisymmetric
KW152 – 60° axisymmetric
KW153 – 75° axisymmetric
• Frequency responses:
KW122 – 50Hz - 20kHz
KW152 – 56Hz - 20kHz
KW153 – 44Hz - 20kHz
KW181 – 37Hz - 129Hz
• Max SPL:
KW122 – 131dB
KW152 – 133dB
KW153 – 134dB
KS181 – 135dB
• Weight:
KW122 – 22.2kg
KW152 – 29kg
KW153 – 39.5kg
KS181 – 40kg

* Prices from 1st March 2011 - please note that prices are subject to change in the future.

Purchase the QSC KW122

Purchase the QSC KW152

Purchase the QSC KW153

Purchase the QSC KS181

Purchase the complete 2 Subwoofer, 2 KW122 PA System

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2 Responses to QSC KW SPEAKERS

  • Hi I just bought a qsc kw153 havent recived it yet do you think it will give me full sound. Had some. Mackie srm 450 v2 speakers they were ok but when you turn them up they could be a little harsh and the low end was muddy no full spectrum of music at all. Hope my 153 sounds better. Thank you.

    Posted on December 9, 2013 at 2:42 am

  • Hi Jimmy,

    The QSCs are great speakers. If you want to reproduce the 'full spectrum', you're going to need to add a sub to your set-up though, in order to create those really deep bass sounds.

    Have you got your QSCs yet? What do you think?

    Posted on December 10, 2013 at 10:09 am