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Posted on August 22, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Whether for live performance or background music, the Denon DN-F650R is the ideal solid-state solution for playing and recording digital music files…

The Denon DN-F650R solid-state player/recorder offers professional-quality playback and recording, with all the advantages and mass storage of digital music files on SD/SDHC memory cards and USB drives.

Designed as a dedicated, 1U rackmount, pro-audio replacement for cassette, DAT, MD, CD and PC based systems in all manner of live playback applications – including live performance, theatre sound FX, front of house and background music playback – the Denon DN-F650R offers instant or programmed playback and management of digital music files via the front mounted SD card slot and USB port. Recording is possible both to and between memory cards and connected drives, and USB connectivity also enables fast file transfer to and from Mac or PC.



A highly visible OLED display and easy file search jog wheel enable simple front-panel operation and navigation through folders and files on inserted/connected media. A USB keyboard input enables easy file name editing.

Full 16- and 24-bit PCM (WAV) and MP3 file formats are supported, with sample rates of 96, 48 and 44.1kHz, 24- and 16-bit resolution, and MP3 bit rates between 32 and 320kbps. The Denon DN-F650R player’s 24-bit/96kHz audio output ensures fully professional sound quality, for both PCM and MP3 file formats.

Playback modes include single, repeat, random, continuous and skipback play, and pitch control is variable between +20 and -40% with the added Tempo Lock feature. The professional feature set includes balanced XLR analogue audio and AES/EBU digital I/Os, as well as unbalanced analogue and SPDIF connectivity, and serial and parallel remote control. A headphone out with discrete volume control is also included. Very handy for live use.


Connecting Denon’s RC-F400S ‘Hot Start’ serial remote controller extends operation of the DN-F650R beyond the rack and provides 20 Hot Start buttons for instant replay of backing tracks for on stage, theatre FX or show soundtracks.

The remote’s intuitive control surface layout, with illuminated hot buttons and big, bright backlit LCD (for file navigation and loading of Hot Starts) makes for easy, low visibility operation on stage or behind the sound desk. Full navigation and transport control includes features like Power-On and Auto Play.



The Denon DN-F650R is one of a whole family of Denon Professional solid state players and recorders. For playback only, try the 1U DN-F300 with its clear and comprehensive hardware control for navigation, management and programmable play of digital music files. It also offers +16% pitch control with tempo adjust controllable from the unit’s IR remote, making it ideal for music playback in fitness, aerobic and dance studios. The master level control, headphone jack with level control and two mic inputs (with discrete level controls and automatic audio ducking for paging and public announcements) negate the need for a separate rack mixer.

For applications not requiring the mass storage advantages of USB drive connectivity and advanced functions of the Denon DN-F650R, the half-rack DN-F450R offers a simplified, solid-state playback and recording capability to SD and SDHC memory cards. Selectable playback modes and easy folder and file navigation, via the front panel jog wheel and LCD display, are featured.

Where simple playback only is all that is required, the half-rack DN-F400 does just that, supporting WAV or MP3 file libraries on SD and SDHC cards. The DN-F400 is also compatible with the RC-F400S ‘Hot Start’ remote, providing full navigation and transport control and enabling audio track and sound FX files to be assigned to the 20 Hot Start buttons for instant replay.

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• Price: £629*
• Recording media: SD/SDHC card, USB flash memory, external USB, 24-/16-bit linear PCM (WAV), MP3 (MPEG1 Layer III audio)
• MP3 recording bit rates: 32, 64, 96, 128, 160kbps (mono); 64, 128, 192, 256, 320kbps (stereo)
• Sampling frequency: 96kHz
• Channels: 2 (stereo), 1 (mono)
• Audio frequency: 20Hz - 40kHz
• Variable pitch width: -40% to 20%
• Inputs: Balanced & unbalanced audio in/out, digital audio in/out (S/PDIF and AES/EBU)

* Prices from 1st March 2011 - please note that prices are subject to change in the future.

For more information on the Denon DN-F650R, or to buy one, click the link below:

Denon DN-F650R - More Info/Purchase

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