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Posted on February 14, 2012 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Pro Tools 10 and HDX - Common Questions

Check out our handy list of commonly asked Pro Tools 10 questions, compiled by our very on Pro Tools expert, Mr. Tom Osbourne.

1. What's new in the Pro Tools 10 software?

Avid have implemented over 50 new features in Pro Tools 10. The main ones being Clip Gain, Support for multiple file formats and bit depths, better recording and playback performance, Higher Resolution at 32 bit floating point, integration with Soundcloud and iTunes, improved EUCON support and much more. More details are on the AVID website.

2. Will Pro Tools 10 work with my HD system?

Yes, although this will be the last release that officially supports the HD systems and the legacy Blue/Silver interfaces. From Pro Tools 11 onwards, HD systems and the legacy interfaces will no longer be supported

3. What is HDX and what are the main benefits of upgrading my hardware?

The new HDX cards offer roughly 5 times the DSP processing, four times the voicing, four times the delay compensation and the ability to attach up to 4 interfaces per card. AVID have also lowered the latency to less than 0.7ms regardless of buffer settings.

The interfaces are sonically much better as well, with more dynamic range, better frequency response, less latency and less harmonic distortion. The new HDX cards and interfaces are looking forward towards full 64 bit compatibility, which is something that will not be developed for the older systems.

4. Can I just exchange the cards and carry on using my older interfaces?

Yes, you can just exchange the cards, although older legacy blue/silver interfaces will not work with the new HDX systems, so you are best checking out the AVID exchange offers where you can upgrade your complete system.

Please bear in mind that third party interfaces that appear in Pro Tools as 192s are unlikely to work in HDX, so please check with the relevant manufacturer for more information.

5. What is the minimum specs for Pro Tools 10?

Pro Tools 10 supports Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and higher and is fully qualified with Lion, 10.7.x. Pro Tools 10 also supports Windows 7 and works in 32bit and 64bit environments. Minimum memory requirements are 4GB, although 8GB is recommended.

6. Upgrading the Pro Tools HD software seems expensive - why is this the case?

At first look yes, upgrading the software only can look expensive. AVID are doing HD system Exchanges, so you can trade in your HD cards and legacy interfaces for HDX systems with either an Omni Interface or an 8 x 8 x 8 interface. This bundle will come with the Pro Tools 10 software. This is by far and away the best and most cost effective way of staying current.

7. What's the deal with AAX? Will my old plug-ins work with HDX?

AAX Native is the new plug-in format for Pro Tools and AAX DSP is the new Pro Tools HDX format. It is not backwards compatible with the older HD systems. Likewise, TDM plug-ins will not be supported on HDX systems, although you will be able to use them as RTAS plug-ins.

Many manufacturers have already developed for the AAX format, but you will need to check each manufacturers website for more information on compatibility and upgrading.

8. I have a HD4 or bigger system and I can't see that AVID are offering any exchanges over HD3 systems?

That's right. Currently we have only been given pricing structures for exchanging up to HD3 systems. If you are using HD4 or larger, please give us a call on 01202 597180.

9. I just bought ProTools 9. Am I eligible for an upgrade?

If you purchased Pro Tools 9 or Pro Tools HD 9 between October 1st and October 20th 2011, you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10.

10. So, is Pro Tools 10 now fully 64-bit compatible?

No, although Pro Tools 10 will work in a 64-bit environment. The good news is that because the disc cache leverages functionality of 64-bit systems, you can access more than 4GB or RAM. We have been told that the next version of Pro Tools will natively support 64-bit.

For more information on any Pro Tools 10 system, click the relevant link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

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