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Korg Synth FREE Bonus Gear - Free SQ1, Gig Bag, Stand & Data

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Kieran There have been 0 comments


FREE Korg gear when you buy from Korg's range of meaty analog synths!

Everyone knows Korg make an amazing range of stellar sounding synths, nothing beats the sound of an analogue synth - with a wide range of offers on a beginner to expert synthesizers you can't go wrong.

Free SQ1 Korg Step Sequencer

This little step sequencer adds the ability to sequence beautiful sweeping arpeggios or randomized patterns if that's more your think. Perfect for those who prefer turning real knobs as opposed to clicking on software or using in-built options.

We'll give you this monster sequencer free when you purchase either a Korg Prologue 8 or Korg Prologue 16 analog synthesizer.

Don't forget to fill in the claim form at the bottom of the page!

Free Gig Bag, Stand or Data!

When you purchase any Krome, Kronos or Kross synth you'll get free stuff from Korg! Deals are below:

Krome - Free Overload Data Bundle, including 3 SD cards - 'Best of Triton, M1 and Essential House'

Kronos - Free STAY tower stand, Masterclass & 'Al Performance' book worth £219!

Kross - Free Kross-61 Soft Case/Gig Bag worth £53

Don't forget to fill out the claim forms below to get your gear after purchase.


Click the links below to be taken to the claim form for the right gear.


Free SQ1 with Prologue Claim Form

FREE STAND, GIG BAG OR DATA PACKS for Korg workstations

Kronos Claim Form - STAY tower stand, Masterclass and 'Al Performance' Book

Free Overload Data Bundle, including 3 SD cards - 'Best of Triton, M1 and Essential House'

Free Kross-61 Soft Case/Gig Bag worth £53

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