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Faith GuitarsCreators of the Venus HiGloss FVHG, voted the UK's best acoustic guitar at the MIA Music Awards last year, Faith Guitars make a range of highly desirable instruments and we're very excited indeed to now be selling them. Their Natural, Trembesi, HiGloss, Eclipse and Naked series' all look and sound absolutely superb!

We've already received our first delivery of Faith Guitars and we've got plenty more coming in over the summer months at unbeatable prices so if you've got your eye on a Faith Guitar, feel free to give us a call on 01202 597180 for more information or CLICK HERE to view our range online.

Alternatively, read on to find out more or CLICK HERE to visit the official Faith Guitars website for more information on their entire range.

Faith Guitars


At the forefront of the design for Faith Guitars is Patrick James Eggle, a renowned luthier who made his first guitar at the age of 15 and has since gone on to build instruments for huge stars such as Brian May, Tony Iommi, Midge Ure, Oliver Lieber, Brian Ray and Tony Rémy.


A big part of the Faith guitar design is the use of solid tonewood, which, as Patrick explains, will mature and improve over time.


The tops of all Faith guitars are constructed using Solid Englemann Spruce, which has been selected especially for its tone. Patrick explains that tonally, Spruce gives a clear, crisp tone and it works very well when matched with selected tonewoods on the backs and sides of the guitar.


Different Faith guitars make use of different woods on the back and sides for different tonal qualities. Those with Mahogany back and sides (e.g. the Faith Natural, Faith Eclipse and Faith Naked series') give a tone focussed on the mid-range for a sound that is both warm and sweet. Faith guitars that employ the Mahogany design are generally great for strumming and accompaniment purposes as notes tend to blend together nicely. This characteristic also tends to make them sit nicely in a mix when recording.

Rosewood is used for the back and sides of the Faith HiGloss Series and gives a tone with a more natural-sounding low-end, as well as more power in the highs. This means that the HiGloss series gives more resonant overtones. Rosewood characteristics give more string separation and articulation so it's great for fingerstyle and solo performances.

Finally, Trembesi wood, as used it Faith's Trembesi series, fits in somewhere between Mahogany and Rosewood in terms of tone, giving a loud and responsive sound with evenly balanced harmonics.


All Faith guitars apart from the Naked series are coated in a thin layer of lacquer for protection. This technique also ensures that the spruce soundboard is controlled correctly. However, the back and sides of different models have been treated differently in order to give different results.

Faith's Natural and Trembesi series' have a satin finish, which gives a livelier sound to the guitars. The unrestrained tonewood in these series' helps to create a woody tone, which is also inherent to the un-lacquered Naked series.

The HiGloss series, as you probably expect, uses a gloss lacquer. As well as protecting the instrument, it also helps to control the wood's movement, giving a more predictable, consistent tone with the harmonic peaks rounded off.

We hope that's given you a bit of an insight into Faith Guitars. If you want any more information or advice then please feel free to call us on 01202 597180, click the link below or if you're local, why not pop into our Bournemouth superstore and demo one for yourself! CLICK HERE to find out more about our pro-music superstore.

CLICK HERE to view our range of Faith Guitars

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