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Posted on June 5, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

sE Electronics Z3300A Microphone and ShockmountWhile stocks last, grab an sE Electronics Z3300A condenser microphone and a shockmount for just £199 - down from £369!!! The Z3300A is a fantastic professional FET mic with a large 1.07 inch twin diaphragm and offering a choice of three polar patterns: omni, cardioid and figure of eight. This means that you can customise the microphone for different recording demands. The Z3300A also features a switchable high-pass filter with a cut-off at 100Hz, which is a great feature for removing problem frequencies and noise.

The sE Electronics Z3300A sounds great when recording vocals, pianos and acoustic instruments, but it can also be used to capture other things such as percussion. The Z3300A is widely used in the recording industry so don't miss your chance to grab a professional microphone at a crazy price! We're even giving away a FREE popshield and Waves Tune LT in one of our special bundles...

sE Electronics Z3300A Condenser Microphone With Shockmount

We also currently have some superb bundle deals on the Z3300A, including a package that essentially gives you a popshield and Waves Tune LT software for FREE! Waves Tune LT is a piece of pitch correction software, which is ideal for ensuring that any vocal and instrument recordings are in perfect tune. You can also use it creatively for some interesting results!

For more information on the sE Electronics Z3300A microphone or any of our bundles, click the link below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

sE Electronics Z3300A with Shockmount - More Info/Buy

sE Electronics Z3300A with Shockmount, Popshield & Waves Tune LT Bundle - SAVE £££s!!! - More Info/Buy

sE Electronics Z3300A with Shockmount, Popshield, Waves Tune LT & Project Studio Reflexion Filter Bundle - SAVE £££s!!! - More Info/Buy

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