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Posted on April 1, 2014 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 1 comment(s)

UK company, Polar Lo-Fi, have just announced that they will be releasing two unique pedals for the modern performer, both of which make use of the company's amazing patent-applied-for un-modelling DSP technology. Introducing the Sponge and Un-Tune.

We are extremely excited to announce that we have secured exclusive European dealership of these pedals, which are due to be released a little later this year. Read on to find out more...

Polar Lo-Fi Sponge and Un-Tune

The Polar Lo-Fi Sponge is a dream come true for guitarists with huge pedal boards. Have you ever been smashing out a solo, which is washed in reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, flanger, distortion, etc. and suddenly wanted to revert back to the plain, dry signal of your guitar? If you've not rigged up a switching system, you would previously have had to sprint along the entire length of your pedal board, swiftly switching off each individual effect, all before you need to hit that dry riff. Highly sweaty and inconvenient business, I'm sure you will agree... that is, until now!

Simply place the Sponge (or multiple Sponges) at a dedicated point within your signal chain and with a stomp of a switch, the Sponge pedal will remove 99% of effects placed before it and bring them all back in an instant, whenever you please!

It's not just guitarists that will find the Sponge a useful asset either. Mastering engineers can use the pedal to remove effects from poorly processed tracks, in order start from a blank canvas when searching for that perfect mix. Or, synth players will find the Sponge a godsend when it comes to removing all those needless effects from preset sounds, in order to quickly gain access to the raw sounds of the synth, without menu diving.

Then there's the revolutionary Un-Tune pedal, which may prove unpopular with purists, but should be a huge hit for those who want to authentically emulate their favourite artists. Have you ever been trying to sing like your idol, but found that you're just too tuneful to sound convincing? Polar Lo-Fi to the rescue!

The Un-Tune pedal is packed with presets to model many of your favourite stars, so there's no need to worry about trying to sing the chorus a little flat or whether you have effectively droned your way through a song... just hook up your microphone to the Un-Tune pedal and all you need to do is to stay in time and sing the right lyrics... the Un-Tune pedal will sort out the rest! Simple! Emulated artists include Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Christina Aguilera, Shane McGowan and Michael Buble to name just a few.

As we mentioned, both pedals are due for release later this year and will be on demo in our huge pro-music superstore in Bournemouth - CLICK HERE to find us. Why not pop into our guitar dept., grab a demo booth and try one with your choice of amp and guitar?

Can't make it down? Take a virtual tour of our pro-music superstore and studios below!

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Our store, which is based across two floors, has dedicated departments for guitars, amps and effects; live sound; DJ, synths & keyboards; hi-tech and drums. On top of this, our store features an in-house guitar workshop with full time technicians, who are on-hand to give your beloved instrument some TLC; a hire department; a climate-controlled acoustic guitar room; four guitar booths; two drum booths; a support and service centre; a specially designed monitor auditioning room, designed by acoustician Andy Munro (who brought you the sE Munro Egg monitors); a 10,000 square foot studios and rehearsal room complex and to top it all off, a café where you can chill out with some snacks, refreshments or a hot meal!

For more information on the Polar Lo-Fi Sponge or Un-Tune, click the links below!

Polar Lo-Fi Sponge - More Info/Buy

Polar Lo-Fi Un-Tune - More Info/Buy

Polar Lo-Fi Logo

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  • This would go great with my whummy II pedal that bends my guitar notes and emulates a stock tremolo by leaving it slightly out of tune for a chorus type effect with each individual string.

    Posted on April 1, 2014 at 7:45 am