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NEW: Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Mixer - Transform your smartphone into a desk

Posted on January 25, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments

Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Mixer

Back in 2015 Soundcraft unveiled the Ui12 and Ui16 Digital Mixers to a hugely positive reception. Also the wireless mixing was nothing new, very few other systems matched it for effects, amp modelling and ease of use. The new and improved version, the Soundcraft Ui24R builds on this reputation and then some.

Soundcraft by Harman has just announced their newly improved and expanded digital mixer for the UI series. The new Soundcraft Ui24R is a rack based digital mixing and recording unit that allows upto 10 users to connect and mix wirelessly (via dual-band Wi-Fi) from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer that has an internet browser, eliminating the need for a downloadable app. The unit also houses the renowned combination of Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing with plenty of preamps, compression, reverbs, choruses and delays as well as feedback suppression. Plus, two channels of DigiTech guitar and amp modeling bring a host of effects to any performance or recording, particularly when low stage volume is desired.

If the idea of opening a Wi-Fi network and allowing the musicians to access the mix scares you, the Ui24R has the option to connect to a laptop or computer via ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can plug a HDMI monitor and USB mouse straight into the unit and eliminate a link in the chain that way.

Ui24R provides 24 input channels, including 10 combo/XLR, 10 XLR, two line level, and two digital mix channels for a total of 24 simultaneous inputs. The Soundcraft Ui24R allows engineers and musicians to record the stereo mix, plus all 22 inputs, directly to a USB storage drive or a connected computer. The Ui24R is equally at home as the centerpiece of a multi-track recording studio, with easy integration between its USB audio interface and the user’s DAW of choice.


We really like that the Ui24R is a great option for engineers or venue owners that are space conscious and either don’t have the physical capacity to have a huge mixing desk or need to adjust the mix from various locations in the venue (especially useful for small teams). The browser based mixing interface is really intuitive and easy to use and puts everything that an engineer, or on-stage musician, could need right at their fingertips, meaning that each member of the band can be responsible for their own monitor mix.

Soundcraft Ui24R is part of the Harman Connected PA family of products, and offers full compatibility with the new app for easy control and fast setup. Connected PA eliminates the need for multiple apps or graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and delivers seamless plug-and-play operation with a variety of Harman equipment (such as JBL PRX800W loudspeakers, dbx DI1 stage boxes, and AKG P5i microphones) so users can control their entire live sound system with one app. Products within the Connected PA ecosystem self-identify with the new app for effortless set up, and setup wizards help users to quickly optimise volume, configuration settings and sound quality.

Soundcraft UI24R on iPhone

The Soundcraft Ui24R Digital Mixer will be available in March with at a very tempting price of £869. For more information please click here.

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