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Posted on January 8, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments



Everyday we see, and hear, musicians come through our doors and head to our rehearsal rooms, many of them encounter the same problem… how to record rough versions of songs without it sounding like a loud fuzzy mess and without spending money on an engineer for a session.

There are many handheld devices out there already that offer on-the-fly recording (namely by Olympus, Tascam and Zoom), but very few pair individual channel mixing with plug-and-play mobile phone & tablet functionality. Enter the new Roland GO:MIXER...Not only does it handle channel mixing and mobile device connectivity, but it also acts as a standard audio capture device, meaning that you can use it while filming a video of your session. All of this in a sweet little box that fits in the palm of your hand!


The GO:MIXER can handle up to two instruments (via line in) and a vocal, or room, microphone at once with a designated volume control for each. Because it is so small and does not require an external power source (other than your phone or tablet’s battery), you really can take it anywhere! Although some louder bands may struggle to get a usable recording through the Roland GO:MIXER, we can imagine this getting a lot of use by musicians looking to record high quality home demos, live acoustic sessions and even youtube showcase videos on the fly.


If you’re a solo singer looking for a way to record vocals over the top of your favourite tracks, this could be exactly what you are looking for...just connect your mp3 or CD player of choice, flick the ‘center cancel’ switch to ON and BOOM...the main vocals vanish, leaving you to record your vocals over the top.


While palm-sized recording devices are nothing new, we love the mobile plug-and-play functionality of the Roland GO:MIXER and the ease of mixing each channel. The Center Cancel switch will also prove useful to many singers out there.

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