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Reason 8.3 is coming

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Dan The Man There have been 0 comments


We’re happy to announce that Reason 8.3 has just entered beta testing on The highlights in this version:
* RV7000 mkII - Reason’s trusted reverb unit gets a convolution engine update
* Browse anywhere: the browser introduced in Reason 8 can be accessed from any window
* Quick Zoom - Move quickly from birds-eye view to close-up and back again.

Buy Reason 8 and get the update automatically when it’s released!

Recent additions

Reason has been continuously expanded since Reason 8.0 was released in 2014. Here are some additions:

  • Reason 8.2: Auto updater function, more sequencer colors
  • Reason 8.1: One click share and open music on Propellerhead’s music sharing and collaboration service


Reason 8.3 is a free update for all users of Reason 8. It’s entering beta testing on June 9th 2015 and will be released to the public on June 30th. The highlight of this release is an update of Reason’s RV7000 reverb with convolution reverb capabilities, plus improved browsing features and more.


Access and upgrades

Reason 8.3 will be available as an automatic, free update to all users of Reason 8.2. Other Reason 8 owners can download the update from Propellerhead’s website when it’s released.


Owners or Reason 1-7 can purchase the Reason 8 upgrade and be automatically updated to Reason 8.3 when it’s released.

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