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RME to launch new Fireface UFX II USB audio interface - Updated

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments


German company RME joins our list of manufacturers to visit at NAMM and keep an eye on in the weeks following the show, especially with the release of their new USB audio interface, the Fireface UFX II. RME specialise in interfaces and preamps and really made waves in the Firewire interface market with the original Fireface models, and although this new model keeps the Fireface name, it has moved away from the Mac-based bus and is a solid USB interface that has the ability to port 60 channels of audio (30 inputs and 30 outputs) and support for sample rates up to 192 kHz.

The Fireface UFX II utilises RME’s own USB 2.0 technology which ensures it will keep up the company’s reputation for offering near-zero latency and connectivity with almost any device whether it’s, PC, Mac or even Linux based as part of a live rig or recording studio setup. The analogue and digital connectivity includes 12 analogue inputs and 12 analogue outputs; 2x ADAT I/O for expanding the Fireface UFX II’s analogue I/O up to a further 16 channels; 2 channels of AES or SPDIF, plus WordClock on BNC connections. All of the channels on the Fireface UFX II can be used for recording and playback simultaneously.

The newly designed PAD-free mic circuit design, with +18 dBu maximum input level and 75 dB gain range, promises trouble-free operation for the most recording situations that might have otherwise proved to be troublesome. The high-power onboard headphone outputs (2 Ohms) feature +19 dBu maximum output level, providing plenty of headroom to both high and low impedance headphones.

As mentioned above, RME like to develop and use their own tech and where this really comes in handy is the USB port on the front of the Fireface UFX II that houses RME’s unique DURec (Direct USB Recording) functionality. As the name suggests DURec allows the user to record directly to a USB memory stick or external hard drive on the fly.
We are expecting that the RME Fireface UFX II will be available before the end of February. However keep an eye on our blog and website for further news. Alternatively get in touch to speak to us for more details and arrange a pre-order.

UPDATE: These are now available to order with us here - RME Fireface UFX II USB Audio Interface.

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